Batch64 Video

                                         If you have not seen this video , please take a moment to see it.

Interesting medical break through , needs more research.


This video doesn’t exist


My dear Nisantha,
Many thanks for the e mail
It is a fantastic message
I too must buy a bicycle
Begin peddling, before it is late
Whether they find the chemical pathway
It is a great find for those guys in a bad way
Neurological defects of elderly, Is a frontier
So far been unable to get their act together
We are grateful to Sam for joining us in the batch
Now for medical cures  and data, no need to fetch
When one hears, is sent to all, through our own net
What a blessing it has become ‘The RU 64 batch net’
With Metta,

6 thoughts on “Batch64 Video”

  1. Thank you Nisantha for the very interesting medical breakthrough on Parkinsons .
    As you know, I have family that has been afflicted by this disease .
    Seelan, as far as I know, Ex bike will do the trick too –
    I have already fwd this to a friend who is very keen on the ex bike activity- only when she is NOT alone in the house for obvious reasons .
    I have seen something like this , a while ago on CBC news- where dancing can actually help with movement improvement , and some facilities in Toronto do conduct such activities to residents. .
    Thanks to Sam- we have the web to keep us in the loop , in more than one way .

    Thanks to all – eaglemd


  2. Thank you Nisantha for this news .
    You did send it to me a few days ago- and I have already sent it to a few people , and one of them who has Parkinsons, was going to give it a good try on her ex bike, when she is not alone in the house .
    There was a news item in Canadian Broadcasting Co- about this- with regard to the benefits of Dancing – with improved mobility .
    Some facilities in Toronto are trying out the benefits of Dancing , to help improve mobility issues of the elderly .
    Some facilities do not have the benefits of Exer bikes due to cost restrains. liability issues etc – which is unfortunate .
    Anyway- thanks a lot we have the Web to pass on knowledge .


    1. Thanks Nissantha,

      It is time for us to realise that Research is to see things what everybody else has seen,and “think about ” it to help mankind.


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