Batch64 Entertainment-Rani


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6 thoughts on “Batch64 Entertainment-Rani”

  1. Thanks Rani for this funny video clip I love Benny Hill and his jokes.I miss his performances. Pity he is no more .Praxy


  2. With Arias ” smile remedy” & Rani’s “comedy remedy”, doctors will be out of job soon
    Please don’t smile or laugh to save the doctors


    1. Agree with both of you. “Humour “is cheap medicine.Always laugh when you see a “comedy clip”
      When you laugh your mind,body, and spirit, change. Medical Research shows it improves your Antibodies.


  3. Thanks Rani. Benny Hill is very funny as usual.
    Even a fake smile makes the body secrete endorphins . Imagine what laughter would do. Keep laughing.



  4. Hi Rani,

    Thank you for the short Benny Hill video.It is naughty,naughty but cute.Lot of mirth.

    As they say, laugh and the whole world laughs with you but cry and the world gives you the laugh anyway.


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