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Values Good or bad has no bearing on one’s creed

           ‘Na jatta vasalo hoti na jatta hoti btahmano

            kammana vasalo hoti kammana hoti brahmano’

               (vasala sutta)

  1. Good values are the doings right, done for the right reason

Not a task to avoid a future blame nor to construe a gain

But to fix the course for the future, a worthy contribution

A selfless act made purely for the benefit of another being


  1. No person should ever be honoured for what he had gained,


But for what he has given or left behind to improve the world


Good people just do pass away, they do not perish or die


For good deeds done, their names, for a long time will survive



  1. A child usually is born crying, the kinship invariably would cheer


At his demise, not he, but kith & kin, would cry missing him for ever


If the life lived was generous and of value, no reason to be crying 


For the positive difference he made the world should be rejoicing



  1. People often awaits till the passing away of an individual to weep


Recollect acts of kindness received from him, now lying in the box


Loud praises or lamentation unheard, he is now permanently deaf


What good is it to him, will soon be resting for ever, six feet deep



  1. Value is in the deed and not in the owner nor in his creed or clan


One’s gains should be results of honest work, thorough and clean


Like wood apple fruits tusker eaten, inherited gains are hollow


Knowledge without character is ugly, tend to end up in sorrow



  1. Pleasure without conscience, commerce without morality


Are not great but sins, akin to the science against humanity


Politics without principle is deception and not democracy


A religion should have clarity not turmoil nor mystery


  1. Our values we learn when young from what we see and hear


Hence parents we watch and follow, the closest teachers dear


What is taught to and are learnt mostly in our formative year


Becomes basis of thoughts, speech and deeds, if evil can be dear!


  1. When faced a situation unsure of your impending action


Would lead to either wholesome or grave repercussion


There is a simple test I use, learnt and practice in childhood


Never fails easy to execute & is called (MAT) ‘My Amma, Test’


  1. When a thought comes to my mind before I speak or do a deed


Instantly, I used to check it in my mind if mum would approve it,


If it belongs to a group, which would make mum unhappy or sad


I would abort that thought, so no unruly words nor unholy deeds


9 thoughts on “Ariya’s Thoughts”

  1. Dear Ariya,

    Your quotes from Vasala Sutra and the elaborations from which are just sublime as only you can do it.

    It should give food for thought and righteous action by all who have read it.

    It also brought to my mind the famous 1948 song by A.J.Kareem adu kule kiyala asaranaya madalanne meloke vasalaya vanse kule bede ni lowe nomawe bamuna ho vasalaya ,which I occasionally sing at our parties.

    I consider you a National Treasure TO BE ADMIRED AND CHERISHED by every batch mate.

    Continue your great work.

    With Metta



  2. I agree with Esiri,
    Also it is my pleasure to acknowledge ,your continuous efforts to “shed light ” on the essence of Dhamma.


  3. Thank you Ariya for the wonderful words of wisdom, so eloquently put across for all to see, learn and live by these principles of Dhamma, that belongs to all of humanity .

    A great way to start my day , here on this lovely October morning- with the changing colors of leaves of all the trees and sky around me , thanking The Creator for just keeping us ALIVE in ALL spheres in a Good Way .

    Again I say- you have to put your writings in to a book .
    I have ‘saved ‘ all your wonderful writings ‘ Ariya’s Poems ‘ on my lap top !

    Agree fully with Esiri- and others before me, and I do recall the song by A.J Kareem .”
    Esiri- you have to sing this song at the next RU-

    “Do the Right Thing for the Right Reason “– the opening lines of the ‘ Vasala Sutta ‘ — there seems to be a blurrrrr to this in the world today , as Ego has raised its ugly head .

    ‘ MAT’ Test- love the way you put it across .
    My Amma used to say it in English _ ” dont open your mouth and put your foot into it’ !!
    Now a days – it is not opening the mouth to say things- but, ‘ social media ‘ and I dont have a saying to describe this – except to say- ‘ Use a Filter ‘– ” Filter Test ‘ !!

    Thank you again Ariya for the English translation of the Vasala Sutta, for all of us to see and learn something from it, even in our twilight years .
    Blessings to you and Thavam.


  4. Hi Ariya thanks for the very detailed explanation of the Vasala Sutta. It is appropriate for the times. I agree with and endorse Esiri’s sentiments about your wonderful talents.

    Looking forward to more “Gems ” from you in the future.



  5. Thank you my mates for all lovely words, praising my poems

    I do not deserve all that trying to hang on to last few neurones

    Neurologists say to be creative, to keep the last leg of memory

    So I go back to my childhood and teens with a tinge of creativity


  6. Hi Ariya
    Thank you for the poem. Hope many people get access to it . I agree with Deepthie to put your writings in to a book.


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