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Impartial Sermon by a learned Buddhist monk . Nice sermon

Praxy de Saram

12 thoughts on “Update from Praxy”

  1. Thank you Praxy for this post on the Sermon by the Buddhist Monk.
    These are very true words — most of the misery in this world is because of Religion , because humans have made a mockery out of The Creators Words , to suit their own Ego and Advantage .


  2. Dear Praxy , I commend you and Sam for posting an unbiased Video, explaining, that freedom of training a,mind, overpowers the Freedom of-beliefs of religions.

    My humble view is that ,Religion alone,doesn’t have a Monopoly on providing a sense of purpose in leading a meaningful life ,but”CorrectThoughts” or a “Focussed Trained
    mind” does.
    “Mind power is the strongest power on earth”


  3. Thanks Praxy, I also totally agree, balance mind is a need to live in harmony and to have a happy and satisfactory life.



  4. “Religion is the Opium of the masses ” Karl Marx was right. It is proven today, without a doubt , when we look at the conflicts around the world . I have listened to this sermon sometime back by this Buddhist Monk.This sermon is something that we should listen to as frequently as possible.

    Thank you Praxy for sharing this.



  5. I do Completely agree with the concept and the remarks
    The purpose of any religion is to discipline human beings
    Only a few may have chosen a religion others by accident
    Purpose of a religion is to unite people and calm their minds


  6. I agree with all the comments. I feel that the biggest problem in the world today is that prople do many wrong things in the name of religion. The religion or the teachings of Jesus or Lord Buddha or Allah have nothing to do with all the violent and criminal acts performed today. If people followed the correct principles of all these holy people then the world will be a better place 🙂🙂Praxy


  7. Thanks Praxy. I completely agree with the sermon. If human being can follow this the world will be a better place


  8. Dear Praxy,
    Thanks for posting this sermon. I had a chance to listen to this before. But listening again & again is very soothing.
    As he says Religion is a label. If every one train their mind to live peacefully with harmony & understanding without egoism, then the world will be a better place.
    “Any bad thoughts in our mind – train ourselves not to do it ”
    ” Be good & do good things without using the religious label”
    Fantastic Sermon


  9. Praxy, I agree with this monk’s view.Religion as Nisantha pointed out is like Opium could be addictive & mislead you preventing how to distinguish good from evil.
    Millennials today are more spiritual & less religious.Unfortunately political & religious leaders are slow to notice it.


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