Happy Diwali!!






Diwali- the real meaning is , as far as I know – was when Sita was
kidnapped and taken to Lanka  by Ravana, Rama was sooo grief stricken , that
the people of is Kingdom in India went into a state of mourning and turned
off ALL sources of Light .
Then as years passed- Rama with the helo of Hanuman the King of The Monkey
Kingdom brought back Sita to India.
Rama was soooo delighted and so were the people of his Kingdom, that they
all lit their sources of Light — Hence Diwali is The Festival Of Lights .

Someone sent this to me back in 2014- when I was in SL  after the RU- and
it was Diwali time
Nice photo of a Happy Family !!!

 Enjoy – eagle D Wish Happy Diwali to all our mates

Diwali celebrates victory over baddies

 Light and happiness over gloom and darkness

Let us enjoy this Holy day ushering goodness





11 thoughts on “Happy Diwali!!”

  1. Happy Diwali to each and everyone of our RU 64 mates and their loved ones. May all your days be bright and shiny , full of happiness.

    Nisantha and Piching


  2. Happy Diwali to the Class of 64 from Deepthie— Bright Sun !

    I took these photos- except the large on in the centre and the ‘Happy Family Photo ‘- at the Mt Lavinia Hotel, back in 2011- when I was visiting SL to see my mother who was 94 yrs old that year, and she passed away a year later .
    The hotel lobby was beautifully decorated with these designs made out of colored rice grains and coconut flakes .
    The buffet area of the dining room had the lovely real banana stalks thorana, with the real mouth watering plantains as we used to call them back then- the real ambul kehel .
    There were also the drums and prayer chanting , with Sacred Ashes being applied on the forehead of the guests who were there, and who wanted it , by two beautifully dressed couple ( hotel staff- ) .

    The young lady dressed in traditional Tamil Sari . jasmin garlands around her neck, and Jasmin on her hair , traditional jewellary , bangles, ear- rings and nose rings, necklace .

    The young man dressed in a nice long white dhoti ( I think this is what it is called – ) please correct me if I am wrong .

    It was very lovely to see the old Tradition still very much alive and appreciated by all who were there . I am glad that my youngest child ( son born in Canada 1974 ) was with me with his gf of Dutch Ancestry who very much a Buddhist .
    It was a great experience and I am glad I took these photos , when I did .
    Enjoy – and Happy Diwali- Deepthie Bright Sun Girl .


  3. Thanks for explaining the storey of Diwali (festival of lights) to everyone.
    In summary – “Celebration of the triumph of good over evil & light over darkness”

    In Malaysia it is public holiday . Yesterday was the celebration & all the Hindus had “open house” for non Hindus, friends & relatives . People visited the open houses & enjoyed food, sweets & drinks. Fire works by the night. We are just recovering after a busy day.

    I emailed my wishes to some of our batch mates ,
    Today Jean& I are wishing you all a new life full of lights & joy through SAMs web site as well.
    Seelan .


    1. Thank you my dear Seelan for the Diwali Greetings you sent to me and a few others .
      It was just that triggered my mind to put out something on the Class of 64 web page .

      So, I recalled the photos I had taken in SL Mt Lav hotel and the ‘family photo’ that someone sent me, while I was in SL during Diwali time 2014 to attend the RU- 64 events .

      .Then virtually on a whim, I sent Sam a few photos and a small note and he put it out .
      Sam sure did a great job putting up those pics in the way he did .

      I dont know where I had heard the story of Diwali- Rama- Sita- Ravana ., but it is a lovely story, and as you say- a Celebration of Good over Evil, Light Over Darkness .

      Imagine- ‘open house ‘ to eat – I bet you ate for a week in one day !!!

      What did I do for Diwali ??
      – attended a Sweatlodge in my area- conducted by a very good Ojibway Medicine Man, that was just wonderful .
      It was real dark- blacker than the black, nice and very hot, hot steaming rocks , 12 of them, two rounds of it, lots of drumming, songs, teachings and prayers, came home last night, feeling well rewarded , like a million dollars in my soul …

      Woke up now- feeling light as a feather in my whole being …. It did shed lot of Light into a matter that was Darkening my mind and soul …



  4. happy Deepavali to all who celebrate this light festival. According to the tradition the husband buys a saree for the wife. I hope all you good husbands bought lovely sarees for your wives.Good wishes


    1. Hey Rajes, who buys a sari for those who do not have a husband ?
      I am just curious .
      I am just wondering if the husband Barrack in this ‘family photo’ bought his wife Michelle this lovely sari !



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