‘Ariya thoughts’






Benevolence, altruism and compassion

Are words imbibed with qualities divine

For an individual or a society  to thrive 

The start often, is a well meaning smile

When one speaks or writes something of value

Should avoid use of profanity like ‘the plague’

Profanities do not reflect strength or manliness

But an inadequacy of vocabulary or lack self control

Of three actions, speech, deeds and thoughts

We express mostly our feelings often  by speech

Should not let a word come out of your mouth

Before it is well chewed and examined in the mind

Once put out, a word inert, gossip, rough or obscene

It gathers momentum and may become a heavy load

May not have thought through and gravity is unknown 

Is of no concern, his reputation is irrevocably tarnished

Our mind and the body are interdependent 

Healthy mind is the precursor of a healthy body

Learn to like things necessary to do, then what is possible

Soon you will be doing, ‘what could have been impossible’

Use the word ‘thanks’ more often and mean it

The recipient will not only hear but feel it

If you meet a person known, or not well known

Greet whole heartedly with a radiant smile

Smile with a friend is strengthening the bond

Smile given to a stranger, you earn a new friend

To smile with your adversary, may not be the hardest

But would be the corner stone of ending the conflict

A well meaning ‘Thank you’ is all one needs to give

To fill the heart of the receiver with joy and love

Being appreciated  is a desire not only of a human

A lovable pat on the back is valued, even by a brute


5 thoughts on “‘Ariya thoughts’”

  1. Thank you Sam for posting the poem, so we can all read it and appreciate it to its full extent .

    Ariya and Thavam — Keep On Smiling !



  2. Smiling couple, Ariya and Thavamali, Thanks Sam and Ariya for posting poem that brought smile in my face. – Indragee


  3. “When you are smiling , when you are smiling ,the whole world smiles with you” Remember the song . It is sung by many artists , but I like the Louis Armstrong version the best.

    Ariya you have elaborated the benefit of a smile in a beautiful poem more than anyone could have expressed in such a lovely way. Thanks for the “Gem”.

    It is a beautiful picture of you and Thavum smiling, Very appropriate.

    I should smile more often from now on.



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