News- Ariya’s work in UK Newspaper


Just to let you know that I am now famous
A set of verses of mine, just got published
In a weekly paper, carrying Sri Lankan news
Now I am a writer acknowledged by the press

‘Slightly head swollen’


25 thoughts on “News- Ariya’s work in UK Newspaper”

  1. HI Ariya !
    This is wonderful – and finally ” you made it to the papers ‘ as they say !
    Keep that head ” Size M “-easier to find a cap to fit a M Size !!!

    I would love to have a Word Doc of the poem you wrote- as the one put out on the blog, is a bit difficult for me to read .
    I like to ‘save it ‘ on my Ariya’s poem folder on my lap top .

    God only knows, we need more of “Healing Power of a Smile ” more than anything else going around in the world we live in today .
    This would surely make this world a better place for all of us .

    Thank you Ariya and I am saying again- I am proud to be one of The Class of 64 .
    It is time you put out a little book with all your writings – ” Ariya’s Thoughts ” !

    Sam- without your wonderful creation of this blog- we would never have known anything like this .

    Thanks to both of you – oldwiseeaglewoman


  2. Nice work Ariya. As they say it takes only a few facial muscles to smile, but involves many more muscles to frown.



    1. HI good morning Nisantha- yes- it takes more muscles to frown- how true …
      And there are lots of people out there who are happy to do just that, and that is why we have more and more sad eyes and sad faces …
      thanks you – eagleD


    1. Leave it to Seelan of Downunder yes- we have a famous man in our midst !
      – might make it to Page 3 of The Sun !!- now that UK NHS Doc are in it with world famous neonatal cardiac surgery done on an hour old infant .
      Ariya sent me this note a few days ago .
      Way to Go Ariya !


  3. Hi Ariya,

    Congratulations. Please send me the original text in word doc as I am unable to read the blog. And to have permission to share some of your poems with my Sage-ing group. Continue the good work.

    Ranjit Silva,


  4. Hi Ariya
    Congratulations. As Ranjit pointed out it is difficult to read the blog. Please send me the original as word doc.


    1. There you go Ariya- we ALL want the words in real print- you sent it to me, and it is going in my Ariay’as Poems folder on my lap top .
      I suggest you write it out and send it to Sam, for posting , just like the way you sent it to me .
      Thanks – wiseoldeaglewoman


    2. Thanks Raj


      Benevolence, altruism and compassion

      Are words imbibed with qualities divine

      For an individual or a society to thrive

      The start often, is a well meaning smile

      When one speaks or writes something of value

      Should avoid the use of profanity like ‘the plague’

      Profanities do not reflect strength or manliness

      But the inadequacy of vocabulary or self control

      Of three actions, speech, deeds and thoughts

      We express mostly our feelings mostly by speech

      Should not let a word come out of your mouth

      Before it is well chewed and examined in the mind

      Once put out, a word inert, gossip, rough or obscene

      It gathers momentum and may become a heavy load

      May not have thought through and gravity is unknown

      Is of no concern, his reputation is irrevocably tarnished

      Our mind and the body are interdependent

      Healthy mind is the precursor of a healthy body

      Learn to like things necessary to do, then what is possible

      Soon you will be doing, ‘what could have been impossible’

      Use the word ‘thanks’ more often and mean it

      The recipient will not only hear but feel it

      If you meet a person known, or not well known

      Greet whole heartedly with a radiant smile

      Smile with a friend is strengthening the bond

      Smile given to a stranger, you earn a new friend

      To smile with your adversary, may not be the hardest

      But would be the corner stone of ending the conflict

      A well meaning ‘Thank you’ is all one needs to give

      To fill the heart of the receiver with joy and love

      Being appreciated is a desire not only of a human

      A lovable pat on the back is valued, even by a brute

      ‘Ariya thoughts’


  5. My dear mates,

    Much obliged for the delightful, encouraging words

    Your appreciations and Our web master ‘s untiring efforts

    Provide a healthy back drop for us all, to try new tricks

    You are much more than batch mates, but a bunch of siblings



  6. Dear Ariya
    Thought I should write on the blog
    To acknowledge that you are a clever clog.πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“
    Our congrats are on its way across to you
    To show you how proud we are of the things you do.πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“
    Praxy and Ranjit


    1. Good morning Praxy !
      Now we have two poets in the Class of 64 – Love your little ditty to complement the more serious one of the two !
      Yes- we are very proud of Ariya and his very philosophical and meaningful thoughts put across for us .
      Keep up the good work – BOTH of you !


      1. Dear Deepthie
        Thank you for your comments. My poems are just little ones I write just to respond to the occasion unlike Ariya with his philosophical ideas.. Praxy


  7. Dear Ariya,

    Congratulations on your beautiful poetry.Such great poetry from one of our most talented batch mates is heart warming indeed!

    I am sure that you are on your way to be not only a great poet but a great writer .I also surmise we have a budding thinker in our midst.

    You have such a fertile and magical mind. It is a great privilege to be your friend and to have you as a batch mate..

    With much appreciation.



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