13 thoughts on “Batch64 Photo Quiz”

  1. Dear Rani,
    I am now in Malaysia , unfortunately I left my thinking cap in Sydney!!!! But I will try without it.
    Answer:- Fire Tornardo


    1. Dear all,
      Thanks for the efforts.Although I may consider the title given by my mates as “fire Tornado ” or “bush fire tornado”as correct?

      I am sure Wikepedia, will denounce that term as, what is in the image is a “FIRE WHIRL, “or a FIRE DEVIL” erroneously called a “fire tornado”.” “fire nado” or “Fire twister”.
      The Fire devil was last seen in Portugal few days ago.
      Well if you would like to know how the fire devil is formed, it starts with a whirl of wind, and smoke, with rising heat of the fire ,trapping eddies of air.,and dust.

      It differs from a tornado as the Vortex does not extend from the surface to the cloud base.

      Of course there is a phenomenon called “FIRE TORNADO ” which is very rare , more powerful and destructive.than a fire whirl.


    1. Dear Seelan
      I think you should get a reward for getting 50%correct. So I award you the 50% trophy which you will get the next RU.Praxy


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