Batch64 Entertainment-Almeida






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Money Market!

Shared by Ranjith  Almeida.

This reminds me of the time I bought the piece of land in Battaramulla. The money was  delivered in  garbage bags as the seller did not want a bank transfer or a check!.




2 thoughts on “Batch64 Entertainment-Almeida”

  1. Country where money is carried in wheelbarrows, is Somalia

    Way some politicians are pilfering, next could well be Sri Lanka

    In Pettah market heaps of notes, there would still be a difference

    As mighty rich vendors would be the ‘Honorables’, with bodyguards



  2. Dear Ranjith, we missed you at the dinner meeting with few of our batch mates in Colombo since you had loose mortions on the day before your birthday. – Indragee


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