Best Wishes to Ranjith Almeida








Happy Birthday to you my dear Ranjith  !
You don’t need a Birthday Day to be happy, as you are ALWAYS  a  Mister
Happy Face !!!

Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice, with a nice mix of both  as you can see
from these photos above .

All your crazy jokes- one never knows what is going to come out, when you
start speaking as  you can see Rani virtually rolling back wards with
laughter and you looking like ‘ what did I say ?  and  as the Loku Mahattaya
at the ‘Block Concert ‘  you were just amazingly funny, just absolutely
funny !!

I look at thes pics from the RU 64 over and over again, and Re- visit those
3 days over and over again .

Then, on the more serious side of you-  there you are with Narme giving a
speech full of good common sense !
And you had the previledge to deliver the first set of surviving  quins in
SL – shows your skills as a Ob/ Gyn.
You are truly an amzing person,  and I am happy to say ‘ I was in the same
class as Dr Ranjith Almeida ‘ !

We all really, really appreciate all that you , Laki and Narme did to make
the  RU 64 Beruwala, the success it was , and a very memorable 3 days  it
was .
It is nice I had all three of you in my Birthday Greeting photo set , as we
could not have had  the good time we had,  if even one of you were missing .
It was a lot of work, that all of you put in, day after day, week after
week, month after month, for a whole year, planning it etc and pulled off a
real good event .

Thank you very much and I wish you all the Happiness,  and Good Health to
enjoy with your lovely family  and friends in the years ahead .
Please give my fond regards to your lovely wife- Roshani, whose extended
family lived next door to my home  in Wattala,  since the late 50’s , and
still do, and I attended the same school as some of her aunts , at HFC- Col
4 .

Lets hope  we meet again- perhaps in October 2018 at Beruwala !- just
dreaming !!!
All the Best, Keep Well, Be Happy !!

–  your good friend – Deepthie .


Happy birthday Ranjit🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

It is a great pleasure to wish you today
As you are a friend who has not gone astray😳😳
So Ranjit, enjoy the day with a party and unwind.
With all the friends and relations that you can find🙂🙂🙂


Ranjit and Praxy

My dear Aley, you are one of the live wires in our batch You have the best jokes, fabulous delivery and timing Wish you a wonderful birthday full of joy & Happiness And pray for your good health and a long peaceful life


Dear Aley

It is my privilege to wish you a wonderful Birthday and many Happy Returns of the day.

Hope to see you soon in Battaramulla or at the next RU in October


27 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjith Almeida”

  1. Dear Ranjith,
    Wish you a very happy birthday. It was a great pity you could not join us last night. You were badly missed.


    1. Hello Ranjith,

      Here is wishing you a wonderful birthday and many joyous returns.

      This gives me great pleasure to extend wishes to one of the most colourful characters of the Batch of 64.

      Best Regards,



  2. HI Ale
    Happy B,Day. Best of health and happiness
    I will always remember you as the first tennis player( junior days) to use both hands on backhand, well before Jimmy Connors did.
    I am hoping to be in Colombo end of Jan 2018. will contact you and maybe we can get together


  3. Dear Ranjith
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and a happy year.Wishing you peace happiness and God’s grace.


  4. Have a wonderful BIRTHDay Ranjith!
    I wish I was in Battaramulla to wish you in person
    Hope to see you next year however


  5. Dear Ranjit,
    We are on our way to KL.
    We like to wish you the very best on your birthday. Have a scotch & enjoy life. Cheers!!!
    Seelan & Jean


  6. I have already wished you. But this to make it official on the RU web. All the very best Ranjith and may you be blessed with contentment ,health and humour ad multos anos!
    Narme and Nirmali


  7. My dear batch mates I am overwhelmed by all your wishes. Never have I got so many wishes in one shot.Deepthie has written an essay Txs Deepthie
    Thank you all once again
    Ranjit A


    1. Well my dear Ranjith – I hope you actually found the time to read the Essay on Ranjith Almeida .
      I am going to give you a quiz on it- when we meet in Beruwala _ Hopefully- oct 2018.
      Till then, try to remember a few things – few more things– to make all of us laugh as someone said – ” Laughter is The BEST Medicine’ and that is why I even laugh in my sleep !!


  8. Hello Ale,

    First, Happy birthday. As ,one of our folks said, you are ALWAYS happy Man, therefore, today wont be different. I replied to your post of several photos of multiple animals, giving my point of view from Obst/ Gyn person, from one Obstetrician to another!!. I get all info from other folks round you & Iam glad life is great with you. Have a great day, Ranjith & have one drink for me.



  9. Dear Ale,
    Wish you a happy birthday for today and many more birthdays to come. Your great sense of humour is highly infectious !
    Abey in Brissie


  10. Dear Ale,

    Wish you a Happy Birthday& Many Happy Returns of the Day and many more birthdays to come.
    Sorry for the delay in wishing.I did not look at the emails yesterday & saw the message only now.



  11. Happy birthday Ale, Wishing you many more happy ones. Enjoyed having having you in the A team. Enjoyed your humor at med school, Bloem and many times after including Jaffna. Thanks for using your clout with the army to get us thru to Jaffna. Hope you carry a power generator for next RU in Colombo!! Hope to see you and Roshani soon. dharma


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