Batch64 Entertainment










This video doesn’t exist


Best Halloween prank!



9 thoughts on “Batch64 Entertainment”

  1. Dear Sam,
    Good one. I watched twice to understand it !
    My grand daughters, 2 & 6 years old can scream louder than this actor.
    We have a small toy poodle dog that looks real but with a battery. It is kept on my bar table. It will bark when someone tapped on the back. But when one of the grand daughter screams, it barks without even touching it !!! It also barks when my wife shouts at me !!!!!!! I have a hole in my ear drum ( true).
    Has anyone got similar problem? Please tell us, just to make me happy.


    1. Dear Ranjit it is lovely to see you contributing to the blog from Winterhaven. Are you still in the same house we visited many amny years ago? Praxy


    1. Dear Sam,

      Enjoyed the video clip which taught me a lesson

      However, tempted shouldn’t mess up with women

      One scream could bring even the roof rafters down

      Stare of a dame, nullifies all the strength of any man



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