Batch64 Entertainment


This video doesn’t exist
“Dance performed by the  Boy , present French President and his teacher the present wife”

Shared by Rani

(Editorial Note: Coming from our brainy mate from down under I would hesitate to question the authenticity of the claim. What do you think?)

9 thoughts on “Batch64 Entertainment”

  1. Hey Rani- they would do a nice haka !!
    So the kid grew up, married the dance teacher and went on to — The Rest is History and a Good Story too !!!
    Baila Kumari —


  2. Dear Simone, thank you, for sharing a beautiful dance

    Presume it is mum and son, I like the little boy’s stance

    The lady twists similar to a wined up top, with ‘bionic hips

    We expect at RU, from batch ladies similar performances



  3. Dear Simone,

    Dance is so provocative before a second time view

    Had to see my GP, who did a brisk medical review

    Gave permission only for a peep, after giving an extra pill

    As my ticker is on the slowdrive, may not last the full-drill



  4. Apologies, as I saw the editorial note, only just now

    Despite cataract changes, read tiny letters somehow

    With their mouth watering abilities, to twist and turn

    Most likely two of them will put French people in a spin



  5. Wonder what made him to marry her. I can guess but cannot put it in writing.
    Our Deepthie can dance better than her. I am not saying that she should start teaching, but its up to her.Potential students are queuing up !


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