Best Wishes to Asoka Wijetilleke













Happy Birthday to you my dear friend Asoka !
I wish you ALL Good Health, and Happiness today, and for  many, many days
there after – as every sunrise now, is a Day of Happiness and  Good Health .

I do recall , very fondly, all the fun we had at old Kynsey Rd Days , and
you were always ready with a good joke, some fun story, some tasty bit of ‘
did you hear this , or that  … ‘
And the  quiet  goody goody Ranjith Silva  – joined us in the fun too ,as
the poor fellow had no other choice – beat them or join them and he wisely
chose the latter  !
Can you remember those crazy Friday afternoon Public Health Trips ?- all I
recall is the fun we had , and I think one of you had a car, or  was it
Soma- another S gp fun man !

Remember that Baila Competetion at Bentota in ’94 ? when we both danced non
stop and ‘won’ the show ? and you were saying ‘  “Aney Deepthie mata nam bey
thavath natanna’  ” and I just kept you moving , and moving  and dancing and
dancing !!
Wow- hard to believe that was 25 yrs ago !
This time around,  in Beruwala, somehow, we did not do any baila , why so I
don’t know .

My trip to Vero Beach  your home in Florida and to Winterhaven home of
Ranjith, back in  ’92  was a whole lot of fun , as you can see by the photo
of us cooking in your kitchen, and we gave Arundathi and Shanthi  had the
pleasure of watching  Kitchen Show — Cooking – MD Style  and pity there was
nothing called You Tube back then !
Love that shot of the coconut scraping that Arundathie took in your kitchen
Don’t we all look smashing -with heads full of nice black hair- did not
know, what ‘ hair dye ‘ was back then !
That was a great one week trip I did to Florida, and time for another one –
perhaps next Feb when I am in AZ .

Anyway- my dear Asoka, you have been such a good friend to me, all these
years, and I am glad that I was able to re- connect
with my old school friend Arundathie- from 1952 at the old Keleniya
school, along with Anslem and Wimal in Std 4 !!!!
This world is sooo small,  that it scares me sometimes .

Have a Very Happy Birthday and Enjoy Good Health in the Years Ahead .
Hope we meet again- in Florida, if not in Beruwala- October 2018 .



Happy birthday Asoka🎉🎉🎉🎉
Thanks to the birthday salutations project we know it’s your birthday today,
So Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day.
Take good care of yourself and enjoy the day
Before it is too late and memories fade away.

Ranjit and Praxy


My dear Asoka, You are a gentleman, gifted with charm and compassion Always in control of emotions and friendship is your passion Send you greetings from the green pleasant land On your birthday wishing happiness, good health Contentment, joy and a Happy long full life


21 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Asoka Wijetilleke”

  1. Happy birthday Asoka, Wish many more happy ones. You are one of those batch mates that have hardly changed since block days. Remember visiting you at Vero beach, the watching the odometer set to zero at one point and left turn at 3.2 miles. I am expert at getting lost, I still made it. This was before even the concept of GPS. I get lost in spite GPS and google maps! Nice meeting you and Arundathi at Beruwela. Wishing you the very best. Will be in Miami in November, will try to meet you and other Floridian batch mates. , dharma


  2. Happy birthday Asoka and wish you many more birthdays to come. Among the batchmates you are one friend I have known for the longest period of our lives. You may recall us being classmates in Form2 when we were around 12-13 yrs of age at Ananada College and of course, you were the monitor in the class. Lucky to have met you at RU 64


    1. Hey Asoka ! –Class Monitor at Ananda College !
      How nice – as I was NEVER EVER a Class Monitor as I was that odd kid that never really did fit into any ‘cubby hole ‘ in that strict school system we had back then .

      The Class Monitors always ratted on me ! and like the last words of Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind ” I dont give a damn’ !!,

      I must say I drove the class monitor up the wall, and the old nuns were ready to hang me !
      ok- ok- end of story .

      Happy Birthday to you again- Class Monitor !! and perhaps see you/ Arundathi ,in Florida- in feb, if all goes well for me, if and when dreams come true, at the next RU- Oct 2018- Beruwala .



  3. Dear Asoka wishing you a very happy birthday and an year filled with happiness and peace.
    With kind regards Maithri


  4. Many happy returns of the day ,dear Asoka.and may you be blessed with good health and contentment. Your birthday tree is the Rowan Tree and this means you are sensitive to the needs of others yet fun loving,dependable and a fine gentlemen.
    Cannot forget those heady days when we joined you for dancing classes to enable you to meet Arunds. Thanks for your ready advice whenever requested.
    The blessings of the Triple Gem be with you and yours.


  5. Dear Asoka,

    Wishing you the very best on your Birthday.You are a gentleman in true sense of the word!

    Best Regards,

    Esiri and Chandrika


  6. Many Happy returns of the day Asoka.
    Hope you are aware of the mini RU that Deepthie is planning in Florida.!
    Best regards to you and your family
    Sam & Kathy


  7. Many Happy returns Asoka.
    Wishing you Good Health, our greatest wealth at this stage of our lives.
    Fond regards to Arundathie from Yolande & myself.


    1. Hey ‘Handsome Anslem’ – as Narme is supposed to have referred to you !!-
      Where have you been hiding ?
      Good to see your writing on the web and to know that you and Yoland are very much alive and well !
      Please keep in touch and send me a note to my private e-mail .


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