13 thoughts on “Batch64 Photo Quiz

      • Sorry Rani,

        Friends are dying like flies !! Another death of a close friend in Sydney- I was a bit busy.

        Re my guess : I thought Nisantha gave the answer – Beached Blue whale undergoing decomposition with bloated tongue. My answer was going to be : “Beached blue whale on the verge of explosion”. However I would now add that the structure in the mouth could be “protrusion of distended decomposing stomach/intestine”
        Will wait for your comment



  1. Thanks Seelan, for keeping the “Down Under ” flag flying by showing that giving a chance to your mates , matters more than gaining “your glory.”
    I think I may consider your decision, as a “Pinnacle Of Empathic skill.


  2. It is a beached Blue Whale , with a bloated tongue. When whales are beached their organs tend to get bloated with the decomposition.



  3. I agree with Nisantha about the blue whale and the bloated tongue.I think the twist is its real vitals are not bloated.Just kidding, Of course it is just tongue in cheek.



    • Thanks to all the participants.
      Yes all of you have ” guessed” it -100% correct.
      It is the Tongue of. Beached, Bloated, Blubbery, Bomb of a Blue Whale, gaping out of its Maw. As you all know Blue Whales are the largest animals ever to have lived on earth.
      The Tongue weighs about 2.7 Tonnes


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