13 thoughts on “Batch64 Photo Quiz”

      1. Sorry Rani,

        Friends are dying like flies !! Another death of a close friend in Sydney- I was a bit busy.

        Re my guess : I thought Nisantha gave the answer – Beached Blue whale undergoing decomposition with bloated tongue. My answer was going to be : “Beached blue whale on the verge of explosion”. However I would now add that the structure in the mouth could be “protrusion of distended decomposing stomach/intestine”
        Will wait for your comment



  1. Thanks Seelan, for keeping the “Down Under ” flag flying by showing that giving a chance to your mates , matters more than gaining “your glory.”
    I think I may consider your decision, as a “Pinnacle Of Empathic skill.


  2. It is a beached Blue Whale , with a bloated tongue. When whales are beached their organs tend to get bloated with the decomposition.



  3. I agree with Nisantha about the blue whale and the bloated tongue.I think the twist is its real vitals are not bloated.Just kidding, Of course it is just tongue in cheek.



  4. Thanks Esiri,

    Your comments about the “bloated Tongue”.
    It is obvious that I consider your comments were tongue in cheek


    1. Thanks to all the participants.
      Yes all of you have ” guessed” it -100% correct.
      It is the Tongue of. Beached, Bloated, Blubbery, Bomb of a Blue Whale, gaping out of its Maw. As you all know Blue Whales are the largest animals ever to have lived on earth.
      The Tongue weighs about 2.7 Tonnes


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