Best Wishes to Narme Wickremasinghe!






Hey  My Dear Narme !
Happy Birthday to you my dear good friend  and  I wish you ALL that is Good
and Healthy for you for the coming years !

You are one of those guys in the Class of 64 that one really NEVER forgets-
always saying the right thing at the right time, all grey cells /neurones
placed in right order,  always dependable , very solid and strong, clever at
thinking on his feet so that any one in the Class of 64 could depend on  for
a bit of good advice , and above all , you had that good and gentle
charitable soul within you, that came shining through your ever present
smile .

I don’t think, I know of any Thomian that can hold a candle to you even
from a mile away !
I am proud and honored ,  that I have bragging rights to say  that ‘ Narme
was in My Class of 64 ‘.

Over the years, during my many visits to Colombo,  to see my parents, you
always had time to meet with me- even when you were the BIG Shot at
Jayawardene Pura Hospital , when we met up with Willie Mama, and Dhamsa.
Those were good memories .

I liked the way you referred to me one time, on the blog after my Arctic
trip post ( Tundra Trekker ) ‘ you are the only Boy  among the Girls  ‘  and
I LOVE it !!!
I remember how you wrote to me personally, virtually begging me to attend
the RU- saying – ‘where is the party without you, come flying on eagle wings
‘  and I did come flying out and never forget that look on your face when I
walked in on you and Laki at Laki’s place that morning !!
I was afraid the surprise might give you an episode of atrial fib !!

The photos  tell a great story about you  and  I am sure we all will enjoy
looking at them once again, and Re- Visit RU 64 and  do a REAL visit again,
? october 2018 at Beruwala .

Have a Very Happy Birthday today, and many more Very Happy Days in the
years ahead .
After age 70- every sunrise is a Happy Day .

Good Wishes for Lots of Happiness and Good Health –
From your good pal — The  Only Boy among The Girls-  aka eagleD !



This is your special day, so savour the occasion.
With plenty of wine champagne and kasippu at your celebration
You are often in our thoughts and we send wishes to you.
For good health peace  joy and contentment too.

Praxy and Ranjit


My dear Narme, jotted below, few reasons, Why all of us in batch, love you so much You are assiduous, thoughtful and generous Heedful, compassionate & always righteous When rejoicing your big day with kith and kin Send you with great pleasure, my greetings For good health, joy, longevity & peace of mind As you are a noble man and a very special friend



51 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Narme Wickremasinghe!”

  1. Dear Narme,

    Wish you a Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns of the day.. All the best and many more to follow in the years to come.



  2. Dear All
    Please read this

    They blink together
    They move together
    They see things together
    They sleep together
    But they never see each other.
    Friendship should be like that !
    I am blessed to have fiends like all of you . Praxy


    1. WE are all blessed to have each other and call it Class o f 64 !
      Thank you Praxy .
      Narme- wishing you again , my good friend- a VERY Happy Birthday.
      your pal- ” the only Boy among the Girls ‘ !!!!


    2. Thanks PRAXY and Ranjit for your good wishes. Yes, our friendship has been from before RU and goes on with the exchange of mails. Value our friendship very much. Thanks for your prayers for NILUKA and baby Anayah. She has gained weight and the Baptism is today.


    1. Dear Asoka and Arunds,We have been the best of friends from MC days and will continue to be so. When are you next visiting SL?. Thanks again for the friend you both have been.


  3. Dear Narme ( The Gentle-man),
    I am happy that I met you in Colombo recently at a couple of hours notice & enjoyed a pot of “Kooll” & Fish Pittu, washed down the oesophagus with the help of good old Chivas. Very Memorable !
    My extended family members enjoyed the company of you, Aley & Dalpe.
    Please accept our best wishes on your Birthday. I am sure that we will be around for many more.
    Seelan & Jean


    1. Thanks Seelan and Jean for you good wishes and your continued and valuable friendship. I enjoy your brilliant repartee . I shall gulp an Arrack remembering you and your extended family. Enjoyed the Cool!


  4. Dear Narme,

    We are blessed to have a guy like you in Colombo, directing operations. You still have a great sense of humour, & I do appreciate “Jokes” you sent in E-Mail [ especially the one woman wearing “Rags & torn clothing with a view from behind & contrasting view from FRONT!!, & how you felt so sad for her & tried to HELP her!]. Still remember ,at 10.00pm Radio Ceylon, the quote ” This is Narmasena Wickramasinghe, saying So long to you”, & Block concert handing over the microphone after announcing for a long time; “I am giving the Microphone to Anselem Handsome Gunesekara”. Have a great day.



    1. Thanks Wimal for your good wishes and your friendship. I am so sorry that you could not make it to the RU and your subsequent planned visit. Dostara, you have fantastic memory. Thanks again.


  5. Happy birthday Narme, wish many more happy and healthy ones. I remember you suggested to include birthdays in our Bios for th RU 50 souvenir, we the “organizers” shot it down. But see how well it was received and grown. It has become a great linking mode for batch mates. From the comments seen, there is no doubt of its popularity. There are many who follow the the blog even though they do no contribute. We must listen to experienced wise men like you. Glad to have you as friend. Your announcing voice still echoes in my brain since block days. You and Anselm made a great duo. Glad to have met you and your lovely wife at RU 50 and mini RUs in Colombo. You both are distinguished Citizen of SL. Thank you for contributions not limited to the medical field.All the best. dharma


    1. Thanks so much Dharma. Good memory that my suggestion was shot down then but now relished. At that time a comment was whether I was expecting birthday presents! Yes the the present is that we have a blog that reminds us of our friends on our birthdays.



    1. Thanks Indrajee. The holiday you gave us for a miniRU in you fantastically designed hotel is memorable.


  6. Dear Narme,

    Happy birthday and many more returns of the day my friend. yes our friendship started well before medical school. I always inquire from Rohini about you. I echo the sentiments of all the previous well wishers. No doubt you are a very special person with exemplary qualities. May god Bless you

    Kind regards Rajes.


      1. Hi praxi

        Thank you for your B’ day greetings. I was having technical problems with joining the blog. hence the delay acknowledging you, Ariya and Deepthi. I was over whelmed with the response from the group, but i was very touched.Although i am not a regular contributor, i do enjoy reading the RU news everyday. Thanks to Deepthi keeping me connected.



    1. Thanks Rajesh. We missed you very much at the RU. I value our friendship. Pl do contact me when you are in SL next. God bless you and yours.


  7. Happy birthday Narme and wish you many more to come. I am disappointed that I missed the opportunity to share the birthday with a great human being by just one day. I suppose I have to blame my parents !!


    1. Thanks Sam and Kathy,
      . You have done wonderful job in keeping us connected. Sorry to have missed you on your last visit.


  8. My dear Narme,

    Happy Days till your next birth day. I am sorry that I could not wish you earlier. Coming back from Sri Lanka I was without internet for some time. From time we met 1n1964 you always enjoyed making jokes at me when ever you saw me .I am blessed have a friend like you.
    Sorry that I couldn’t meet you when I was in SL this time.
    I wish you happiness and good health for many more years to come.



    1. Thanks Swarna. I am honoured to have a sincere friend like you. Sorry we could not meet during your holiday.


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