Best Wishes to W.A. Abeypala !





Happy Birthday to you Abeypala.
Have a Very Happy Day to day, and May ALL your days be filled with Happiness
and Good Health . You start off the October Birthdays  all the way from Down Under !  I did not know you are in Brisbane or even in Australia for that matter,
till I read the note on the Souvernier a while ago .
I was in Brisbane some 18 yrs ago-for 2 wks, and would have loved to meet
up with you, had I known you were there .Love the photo of Ariya,  Seelan , Sunil and you at the RU Friday morning
sessions  and it was kind of you to donate books to the old library .
I always seemed to mix up you and Bhatia – both nice quiet  , very studious
‘ good boys ‘  who never looked at us girls during the  old Kynsey Rd Days.

Anyway- it was good to see you- in your nice pink shirt and fancy hat – you
looked good !

Hope we meet again-  Beruwala oct 2018 ?

Good Wishes to you and family- Deepthie .

My dear Abey, Send greetings via the batch website To one of the nicest mates, in our midst To wish a Birthday Full of Joy and Peace, Good Health, Contentment and a Happy Long Life Ariya

Happy birthday Wally🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

It is your birthday today dear Wally,
So you have every reason to be ever so jolly.
Blow out your candles and wish for what ever you may
And accept our wishes for many happy returns of the day.

Ranjit and Praxy

25 thoughts on “Best Wishes to W.A. Abeypala !”

  1. Dear Wally,
    We have not communicated after the RU !! You were a great supporter of the RU from Brisbane.
    The next one is coming soon, probably Oct. 2018..
    In the meantime, my best wishes on your Birthday today & many more to come.


    1. Though we haven’t met since Bentota, I read your interesting comments Seelan. Hope to catch up if I happen to come to Sydney. Thanks for your greetings


  2. Good morning to Ariya and Abeypala !
    This is Eagle D- message for Ariya— reg the Greeting to Abeypala !!!

    Well my dear Ariya the Great Poet- I must say- I had fun with the ones who took the time of day to look at all the Pretty Flowers that bloomed along Kynsey Rd , but the Pretty Flowers only just nodded at the “nice , quiet, studious, goody boys’ !!!!– only when the wind was blowing in the right direction at that !!!!

    Anyway- it was great meeting up with you both at the RU and lets hope we meet again- October 2018- Beruwala.
    Lets keep our fingers crossed for this one- to get the details about this RU 2018 from the Web Master .

    Happy Birthday .


  3. A big thank you to all my friends for the greetings. Deepthie , I have been in Brisbane for the last 22 years but I have a strong affection for New Zealand where I arrived straight from SL. I too would like to give it a go with Maori Haka , but unfortunately do not have the physique for it !!


    1. Hey Abey,’ good to hear back from you !
      Yes- a whole of of our class and from other batches, that came out of SL back in the early 70’s went to NZ, and most of them have since moved on to Aus . .
      Too bad I could not meet you when I was in Brisbane about 18 yrs ago- staying with friends ( Persis and Dinty Ranasinghe and Dinty has since passed on ) and visiting the Barrier reef etc
      You can still give the Maori Haka good swing at it- none of us are in perfect shape to beat the Warriors- it will be a fun thing to do, just move to the beat !!
      Annesley– will be the appointed Warrior Cheif and I hope you are reading this !!


  4. Wally
    Many Happy returns of the day my fellow Anesthetist, and best wishes for many more to come!
    It was nice to see you at the RU but the time went fast. I think I spent more time talking to you on the phone when you visited US.


  5. Dear Abey,

    Even though we don’t talk as much on phone like before, Iranthie & I recall great time we had with you, when we visited you about 7 years ago. In our grocery store, they have Cheese from NOOSA, we buy it & eat it frequently & talk about you & the grand time we had in Australia, with you. I am, of course, BIAS, because of our Ananda College connection. Have a great day, my friend & Long great life. WIMAL & IRANTHIE.


  6. All the best ,Wally. May you have many years of contentment and good health. It was good meeting you at the RU.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  7. Dear Abey,

    Many happy returns of the day & Happy birthday . All the best and good health to you now and for many more years to come.



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