15 thoughts on “Batch64 -Photo quiz”

  1. Dear Simone, have no idea about this creature,

    Not even if it is a creature, needs a good teacher

    Best guess can offer is, in a larval stage, immature

    Do not laugh, could be a nematode or a caterpillar?



  2. As the questionnaire’s heart is not softening

    We have to await for clever guys like Seelan

    Nisantha, or Deepthie to use a high quality brain

    And give us a clue to think in the right direction



  3. I have cheated because I got this answer from my grandson- its a water bear or water pig. Its very small, almost microscopic.


  4. Dear Simone,

    However, I had a brainy idea to consult a superior brain

    An embryo of a very large quadruped is the new direction

    Please do not snigger or laugh at the defective imagination

    Is it an intrauterine photo of a pachdermic, answer to the question?



    1. Sorry, Ariya, tracking along the wrong path. For a while ,I feel Silence is the artery through which the solution to my quiz flows .


  5. Congratulations Dear Seelan,yes it is the “Water bear”
    Names-Tardigrade -Space bear,Moss piglet
    Most indestructible creature on earth-A creature that will survive until the sun dies. Can survive without food for 30 yrs with out food or water.The most resilient creature ,and will continue to thrive for around 10 billion years

    endure temp up to 150 degrees Centigrade in the deep sea ,and frozen vacuum of space.(sent to space recently)
    Due to a protein called “Dsup” acts as a shield against radiation,can survive in vacuum space.
    Morphology..maximum size 1mm.eight puffy legs,and claws like a grizzly bear.two eyes neck and anmouth.
    Habitat-lives in mosses,moist lichens, leaf litter


  6. Thank you Simone for enlightening us. Good to get our grey cells into gear by thinking hard .Otherwise our neuronal connections will die a natural death.☹️☹️☹️ Seelan how did you know that ?. What a lot of clever guys and gals in our batch😊😊😊😊 Praxy


    1. Dear Praxy,
      I know every thing, including the convent girls & Jeevaka parties ( Just Kidding. However we are jealous – No girls visited us at Bloemfontein !!)


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