13 thoughts on “UpDate from Ranjith Almeida”

  1. Dear Ranjith, thanks for showing these beautiful group photos

    Most are tall, a few robust and short, all smart in varying sizes

    Well disciplined and sober, dressed up in their best attires

    Facing proudly like in Beruwala, posed sixty four batch mates



    1. Good Morning Everybody from Ontario on this lovely sunny morning !

      I just woke up to this Groupie Photos- and Ariya took the words right out of my mouth !
      Yes- they are just like us –The Class of 64—- posing at Beruwala , Bentota and in UK.
      See you ALL in i Beruwala- Oct 2018 for yet another Groupie Photo !

      Thank you Ranjith for sending it and to Sam for posting it .

      By the Way- I will come in my Best Attire- called a Grass Skirt !!!!


  2. I must show this to my grand children. Its very hard to get everyone to concentrate & pose for a group photo!! They wont stand still like these animals & birds.


  3. Dear Ranjit,
    Beautiful family , All in this only known Planet
    How long will it stay like this
    Enjoy while it last like this


    1. My dear Rahula, You are absolutely correct

      Man sure is plundering our beautiful planet

      The greed and pompous of rulers of this world

      Caused disasters in the past, next will be the last



  4. Thanks Ranjith. Enjoyed the families, even the Parliament of baboons ( we have at Kotte a parliament of buffoons.


    1. Hey Narme,
      You think we can see the Family of Buffooooooos , when we come there in Oct 2018 ?
      These special breed of Buffoooons are very common all over the Human Planet .
      They are all over the world now !


  5. Dear Ale,

    Great communication, from fellow Obstetrician to another one. Great group photos you sent. I wondered where you got them from. Remarkable diverse groups. I am sure these are not “Products of Multiple pregnancies” [ obstetrically speaking!! Ha Ha Ha ]. Hope to see you next year.


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