7 thoughts on “Batch64 Entertainment

    • I am so glad that so many had viewed it. The previous week the same paralympian did the waltz and it was amazing but this one he is doing only with the blade on. Such determination is remarkable.For you to follow on I will send the dance he does this weekend. I hope that at the end of the series he will be voted the winner. Hie dance routines are fabulous. Praxy


  1. Thanks Sam for posting this breath taking video of the dance performance. I am certain we all see him for the skills he has, and not on what he has not.

    I will name him as a dance performer ,showing courage, sacrifice, commitment,determination, talent and guts. Any more adjectives to add?.


  2. Thanks Praxy for the wonderful video clip.
    I downloaded it and watched it a few times .

    Just wonderful- the guts, determination, courage etc etc . and a great source of inspiration to all of us .
    Of course, we are not as young as this person- but, we can still put one foot in front of the other and still move around on a dance floor !

    Wasn’ t there a movie or story called ‘blade runner’ with the same kind of prosthesis- with a guy in South Africa, who got into a mess for some reason ?
    I vaguely remember this story .

    Now to all you guys and gals- get ready with the Haka for RU- October 2018 Beruwala. !!!!
    Please come, if you can put one foot in front of the other – one way or other- as this video shows .

    This may our Last Time – The Last Dance – so to speak .

    eagleD .


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