Best Wishes to Siri Kannangara




Happy Birthday to you my dear  Olympic Star Sports Med Buddy !

I hope you have a real Happy Birthday- and don’t eat too much of cake, as
you are doing in this photo- as then, after that, you will not be able to
keep pace with the Baila Kumari- who is trying hard to put one foot in front
of the other !!

I wish you ALL the Very Best today, and in the days ahead, as now as
Septugenerians ( as Ariya calls us ) every sunrise is the Best Day –
Birthday or no Birthday  !

It was just great meeting up with you at both RU- ’92 in Bentota, and 2014
in Beruwala.
I cannot recall, if you came for the RU in UK in ’89 .
In the old photo from ’92- all of you guys look so good, and still look
good, even after all these years of Life and Times !

I do take your good advice and go for walks a few times a week, and if not,
work around the garden to keep one foot in front of the other, with a few
creaks and squeaks here and there .

I was thinking of you  and missed  THE  good dancing partner, about a month
ago, when I attended a Srilanka Seniors Club Dinner Dance, here in Toronto –
and beat out every one hollow on the dance floor- just dancing with some
ladies  , some of them 30 yrs younger than me.
Then, their young husbands were brave enough to join us ladies  and we had
loads of fun !

As the Good  Olympic Team Sports Medicine Doctor Says  — keep active  and
keep moving ,keep active and keep moving  , keep active and keep moving –
The    New Mantra .

I am proud and honoured and have bragging rights  when I say  ” I was in
the same class as Siri back in med school ‘ and we the Class of 64 is proud
to have you among us  and there are many in our Class of 64, spread around
the globe,  that have brought so much  Honor to the Class  and I feel very
proud and honored  to be among such high achieveing giants in so many fields
of medicine .
We surely have spread our selves around the world, honouring Lanka, and
honouring the Class of 64 .

So, I wish you Siri, all the very best, in every thing you do and Happy
Birthday to enjoy with family and friends .

Your  old med school pal- Deepthie .
Ps –Come dance with me again,  at the next RU- 2018- Beruwala , for See That Girl- She is The Dancing Queen, my claim to fame I guess  !!!


Happy birthday Siri 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽
Across the ocean we send you greetings
As we recall our past joyful meetings
May you be blessed with health joy and happiness on this birthday
And many more good wishes to come all your way.

Ranjit and Praxy


Many Happy returns of the day Siri Kanna! My most admired Jeevakite, because you studied the least and always achieved the most. Congratulations on your professional achievements making us so proud. Lets hope we can meet up again in 2018


Best Wishes to N. Rajabalendran !


Happy Birthday to you my dear good friend- Rajabalendran !
 I wish you all that is best in the coming days and enjoy this day with
Ranjini and family .

It was soooo good to meet with you  and Ranjini during your visit to
America last summer .
Rajes, Rabi and my self, we really enjoyed meeting up with  both of you .

Listening to your Tales from Pimbura and Alice Springs ‘ was  like
listening to a Book Reading , that keeps the listener absolutle spell bound
You should seriously consider writing all this down- as I don’t know of any
one who stuck it out at Alice Springs in the  heart of the Australian
desert, like the way you did, and the Govt of Aust  did infact, duly reward
you for your wonderful service , Above and Beyond the Calll of Duty to the
People of The Desert, both Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal .
I am glad  that you are now retired and enjoying life after 35 yrs in the
Desert , and  most of the time ,  as the Only doctor available .

What a wonderful way to serve Humanity — …. it does not matter where –
as people are people  and we are  all the same creatures of The Creator .

I visited Aust twice -‘ 91 and ‘ 98- both times  in Dec- the Aussie summer,
that is not a good time to visit Alice Springs .
So, I am glad, that you made the trip here to Canada, to see me and Rajes-
and you gave us One Years notice about it !

I remember so very well, how you and Rahula and sometimes  Sivakumaran,
used to borrow my Grey’s Anatomy for weekends, and in return, the three of
you would explain some  Phys/Biochem riddles for me !
Those were real good days and I am glad we have such happy memories of our
times as young medicos- sometimes serious, but mosty not so serious  ! ( at
least I was !!- never proclaim to be a goody goody ! )
Then, Rahul and I were doing Internship at Ragama and then Real Life
started as Real Doctors !

Well my dear, I hope you see this and Re- Visit your trip out to America,
and hope we meet again- perhaps in Beruwala, October 2018– good month to
meet for good reasons !!
Bye-  Wishing All that is Good and Happy for the days ahead .

your good pal- Deepthie .


Happy birthday Rajabalendran🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

On this day you  get older by another year
But do not worry and do not live in fear.
For wrinkles come and wrinkles go
But friendships made will never go.
So Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day’
And God’s choicest blessings to adorn your way .

Ranjit and Praxy


My dear Raj,

Send you greetings, across seven seas to a highly respected mate

For good health, joy, Happiness and a contended, stress free long life

An ‘Ash tree’, according to birth chart, reliable, intelligent and talented

Which of course we know well and to that I add, charming & sophisticated


Best wishes from Ariya


Happy Birthday, Raj!

I always remembered  you as a studious gentleman that we all depended on for information

Wish you ,many more happy and healthy Birthdays in the future  .  Please visit us if you are in Florida. Otherwise there is always next October


Batch64 Video

                                         If you have not seen this video , please take a moment to see it.

Interesting medical break through , needs more research.



My dear Nisantha,
Many thanks for the e mail
It is a fantastic message
I too must buy a bicycle
Begin peddling, before it is late
Whether they find the chemical pathway
It is a great find for those guys in a bad way
Neurological defects of elderly, Is a frontier
So far been unable to get their act together
We are grateful to Sam for joining us in the batch
Now for medical cures  and data, no need to fetch
When one hears, is sent to all, through our own net
What a blessing it has become ‘The RU 64 batch net’
With Metta,

Ariya’s Thoughts



Values Good or bad has no bearing on one’s creed

           ‘Na jatta vasalo hoti na jatta hoti btahmano

            kammana vasalo hoti kammana hoti brahmano’

               (vasala sutta)

  1. Good values are the doings right, done for the right reason

Not a task to avoid a future blame nor to construe a gain

But to fix the course for the future, a worthy contribution

A selfless act made purely for the benefit of another being


  1. No person should ever be honoured for what he had gained,


But for what he has given or left behind to improve the world


Good people just do pass away, they do not perish or die


For good deeds done, their names, for a long time will survive



  1. A child usually is born crying, the kinship invariably would cheer


At his demise, not he, but kith & kin, would cry missing him for ever


If the life lived was generous and of value, no reason to be crying 


For the positive difference he made the world should be rejoicing



  1. People often awaits till the passing away of an individual to weep


Recollect acts of kindness received from him, now lying in the box


Loud praises or lamentation unheard, he is now permanently deaf


What good is it to him, will soon be resting for ever, six feet deep



  1. Value is in the deed and not in the owner nor in his creed or clan


One’s gains should be results of honest work, thorough and clean


Like wood apple fruits tusker eaten, inherited gains are hollow


Knowledge without character is ugly, tend to end up in sorrow



  1. Pleasure without conscience, commerce without morality


Are not great but sins, akin to the science against humanity


Politics without principle is deception and not democracy


A religion should have clarity not turmoil nor mystery


  1. Our values we learn when young from what we see and hear


Hence parents we watch and follow, the closest teachers dear


What is taught to and are learnt mostly in our formative year


Becomes basis of thoughts, speech and deeds, if evil can be dear!


  1. When faced a situation unsure of your impending action


Would lead to either wholesome or grave repercussion


There is a simple test I use, learnt and practice in childhood


Never fails easy to execute & is called (MAT) ‘My Amma, Test’


  1. When a thought comes to my mind before I speak or do a deed


Instantly, I used to check it in my mind if mum would approve it,


If it belongs to a group, which would make mum unhappy or sad


I would abort that thought, so no unruly words nor unholy deeds


Happy Friday- Ranjith Almeida




Black Bras 

– size 38 

This is too funny 

not to share. 

The Business Deal


A Chinese guy goes into a Jewish-owned establishment to buy black bras, size 38. The Jewish store keeper, known for his skills as a businessman, says that black bras are rare and that he is finding it very difficult to buy them from his suppliers. Therefore he has to charge $50.00 for them.

The Chinese guy buys 25 pairs. 

He returns a few days later and this time orders fifty. 

The Jewish owner tells him that they have become even harder to get and charges him $60.00 each.

The Chinese guy returns a month later and buys the store’s remaining stock of 50, and this time for $75.00 each.

The Jewish owner is somewhat puzzled by the large demand for black size 38 bras and asks the Chinese guy, “…please tell me – What do you do with all these black bras?”

The Chinese guy answers: 

“I cut them in half and sell them as skull caps

to you Jews for $200.00 each.”

Business is Business!