Best Wishes to Ms. R Rajasingham (Thurairajah)


Dear Rajesh,

Wish you a very happy birthday fabulous

With contentment, peace and excellent health

Get most of your news through our Deepthie,

Hope you be blessed with a long life, joyous




Happy Birthday to you my dear faithful friend  Rajes  !
A True Friend Indeed , and In Need – in good times, and not so good times
over the past  55 yrs .

We did lose touch briefly, for about 10 yrs- when we migrated around the
world, but, met again in 1982- at the exam hall in Toronto when we both had
to write some stupid exam !

Rajes-  you were always there for me, and I was always there for you, and
even did the Eulogy for your mom so many years ago .

We were Intern ( me )  and Resident  ( you in Ob/ Gyn )  back in 1985 at
the Toronto East General , and crammed together ,  for yet another stupid
exam, along with Ananda and made it through in july 1986 !

And here we are -now in our 70’s thinking of all those good times gone by,
and  boy oh boy don’t we  ever have time to think !

I just visited you a few wks ago, and when I saw the youngest in the
family- Rajan with his wife and three very grown children visting you from
Australia, – the whole ‘ hostel days’ seem to roll by,  in my mind, as I if
on a ‘video mode ‘ when your mom would come to see you, all the way from
Batti,   with all your siblings and  your mom carrying little Rajan !

How time has gone by, how time has treated us – good and not so good .
But, , the main thing is- YOU were ALWAYS there for me – for which I am
eternally grateful .

 Very Happy Birthday, Lots of Love, Blessings andn Prayers  to you ,   My
Dear Rajes-


Your Loving Friend- Deepthie


Many happy returns of the day Rajes🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
As you celebrate your birthday today
Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day.
May you be blessed with everything you wish for ,
Today everyday and for evermore.


Praxy and Ranjit

48 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ms. R Rajasingham (Thurairajah)

  1. Hello Rajes
    Many happy returns of the day. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Although we have not seen for years we always get news about you from our batch mates. You look beautiful as always. We were in Vancouver Canada recently and caught up with Thillainadarajah
    Satha & Selvi


    • Thank you so much for your greetings. It is so nice to hear from you after so many years.I too get news about the batchmates from Deepthi. Please keep in touch



  2. Happy Birthday Rajes, wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Fortunate to have met you in Toronto. Hope all is well with you and Thurai. dharma


    • Thank you for your wishes. it is nice to hear from you. Rabi is doing fairly well under the circumstances. Please do call me when you are in Toronto next.



    • Hi Rahula,

      so nice to hear from you. Thanks for the wishes. I do not look the same. pictures do not tell the truth. I have short grey hair and you would not recognise me now. How are you and your familiy.If you happen to cross the border please contact me..Kind regards Rajes.


    • Thank you so much for your wishes. i was so touched by all the greetings from so many of you. After so many years we are able to be in touch. Please do call me when you come to Toronto.Recently we met Sara,who knows your family very well.



    • You all made my day. I did not think that you will remember me after so long. It was so nice to hear from you and others. We have to thank Sam for making it possible for us to keep in touch.
      Thank you so much and good wishes to you and your family.



      • Hope you had a wonderful day, Rajes.I don’t think anyone has forgotten you. I was a quiet guy in Batch64 who didn’t chase after girls much but remember you as possibly tallest pretty girl in the batch. Welcome to the blog. Hope to see you at the next RU


    • Hi Ale,

      how can we forget Casle street? It is so nice to hear from you. Any news of Jayaratne? Thanks to Sam for making it possible for us to be in touch. With kind regards



    • Thank you for your wishes. You all made my day. I did not expect to hear from so many of you and i was pleasantly surprised. it is nice to be in touch.



  3. Hi Rajes

    A very Happy Birthday. We have not met each other since qualifying . You look well .Two of my sisters live in Toronto and Missisaqua. One of my sisters have heard about you through your BIL wife who is a gynaecologist.
    I am going to be in Canada for Christmas . I like to catch up with you if possible .
    Please keep in touch . Wish you good health and happiness.
    With warmest wishes


    • Hi marina,
      Thank you for the greetings. Please do contact me when you come in December. i too live in Mississauga. Deepthi visits often We can get together. Hope to see you.



    • Hi maithri,

      thank you so much for your wishes. We are not too far from each other but have not met so far. may be next time you are here please contact me. i would love to catch up.



    • Surprise surprise!! After so long i am hearing from so many of you and you all made my day. it is so good to hear from you. thank you very much.



  4. Happy Birthday Rajes. Being in the R group, we were a close bunch of students with Ratneswary, Rajan Rasiah, the 2 Rodrigos and of course Deepthi + many others in the R and S group. Just a flash back to those good old days.
    Best wishes
    Mahilal Ratnapala


    • Marina- please inform me when you come to Mississauga for christmas .
      I will come and meet you along with Rajes , if we have good highway driving conditions in winter !
      deepthie .


    • Oh yes- Mahilal – those were good days !!
      I remember the time we met in NZ- a few days after you arrived some 25 yrs ago or more, and feeling soooo homesick for your family , you almost cried, when you saw me at Ahnainmugan’s place . !!


    • ..yes R group was a close one. Those days were great. Hope we will meet someday. thank you so much for your birthday wishes.



    • dear mr seelan.

      thank you for your double wishes. i was on clear fluid diet( not your liquid diet) for 10 days,hence the delay in reply. Now i am Ok. Hope life is wonderful.



  5. Dear Rajes,

    It gives me great pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday and many fabulous returns.

    I can remember you very well as a med student, very pretty with a gorgeous smile.

    Best Regards,



  6. Dear Rajes

    Wish you a very happy birthday.May the days ahead be bright and colorful. I was very happy to meet you and Deepthie in Toronto last year, after more than 45 yrs. Hope to meet you again if possible..

    Rajabalendran .


    • Thank you for your Birthday wishes. yes it was so nice meeting you both after so many years.When is your next visit ti canada?

      Thank you rajes.


  7. Dear Rajesh,
    Belated wishes for a contented and healthy life in the years ahead. We met even before entering in 1964, and treasure our friendship even though I have not seen you in years.
    May God bless you and yours.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  8. Hey Rajes- you finally made it to the blog !!!!
    Hurrah !!!!!
    Now, you can have real fun with the Class of 64 !

    How can anyone in the Class of 64 ever forget you — the tallest, the prettiest, the one with the best smile, and on and on it goes !
    Sam says he was ‘ not one to chase girls ‘- but, he did ‘see your smile !!!!

    Keep on smiling my dear good friend Rajes –
    Your loving friend== Eagle Deepthie .

    By the way- is this “Jayaratne ” the same one as Ariya’s brother who married Gertie and worked with me at Ragama in 1970- 71, and now ,living in UK ?
    if so, they bought the little baby cot my daughter used, for their little son, when we were selling up and moving out of the country in ’72.


  9. Hi Maha and Sree,

    thank yo for remembering this old lady.. my brother and sister from NZ were here in summer. Had a great time.Will call you soon to catch up.How is shobi?


    Liked by 1 person

  10. My Dear friend Deepthi,

    Let me wish you many happy returns of 13th. Happy Birthday. May your creator bless and protect you.
    You summed up our friendship so beautifully in your birthday greetings. Yes we did combined work together with Dhamsa and others in the hostel. We continued that in Canada to do those exams. I would never have made it without your help to go through basic stuff after 12 years of Ob&Gyn. You were so focused and methodical, yes you were there for me during good and hard times. Your no nonsense attitude was always helpful,in times of stress.

    When we were at East general, sharing a room, do you remember the night, ER nurses were looking for me and called you. They asked “where is the gyne resident?” You said “She is in my bed” Wasn’ that a hoot!! it is so nice to wish you another year of happiness and peace. thank you for your friendship.

    Love rajes.


  11. Hi Ariya,

    my humble apologies for this delayed note. I do appreciate your Birthday wishes. How come we were not aware of your great poetic talent when we were at medical school? I always read your writings in the blog and appreciate them tremendously. Thank you for keeping us all connected.

    kind Regards Rajes.


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