6 thoughts on “President Sirisena’s visit to NY Buddhist temple today”

  1. Aley, I too agree, you are on the right tract

    If asked, Kotta will certainly do a fine job

    Guys and gals in our prestgious batch

    Uphold values & make Mother Lanka proud



  2. Hi Wije-
    Again I say, I am proud to be a member of The Class of 64, with people like you in the Class .
    Thank you very much for all the good work you are doing .

    I agree with Ariya and Ranjith , that you will do a much better job at The Job.
    You sure missed your vocation .
    But, I say- stay in America and promote all that is good in the name of Interfaith Harmony- Something we need soooo badly these days .
    Blessings to you – Deepthie .


  3. Wije Kotta for president ! what a great idea. At least he will be honest and not plunder the country like the present politicians are doing.

    Good work Wije.



  4. Dear Ranjith,
    Who do you mean if ‘he’ comes back – Kotta or the President?
    For all our sakes let’s hope it is Kotta.


  5. Thanks for sending this photograph with President of SriLanka.
    My memories came back about the visit to this temple with you about 10 years back.
    Thanks Wije Kotta.


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