Best Wishes to Gaspa Gomez!




My dear Gaspar,

You and I have been in tandem in our professional lives

Proud to call you special mate, sincere guy for all seasons

Wish you a happy birthday with contentment and Joy

Good health and peace and blessings for a very long life






HI my Dear Gaspar !
First of all let me wish you a Very Happy Birthday and may you enjoy this
day with your family and friends .
It is amazing- how we have kept in touch- all the way from old school days
in the early 60’s   through the Cath Students Fed back in Colombo  , to this
day, nearly 55 yrs !! –
  O MG – I feel soooo old !!- yet grateful, we are still alive and keeping
in touch , and meeting when ever we can .

You were always that funny guy,  ever ready with a good joke, a funny act,
a good loud laugh, to cheer up any half dead being, yet, can be serious when
the occasion arrises .
 I do remember when I visited your place at Chichester- back in 1996 or so
, when I stayed a night at your place , and you and Kamala gave me such a
good meal in real style !
Then, your older daugheter’s wedding in SL, then, you  and Kamala visited
Mississauga to  see your sister, and visted us too .

Seeing you at the RU- in Beruwala was just wonderful, not to mention ‘after
the party fun ‘ with a few of us , you, your trusty pal Shauket !
I love the photo of you and Shauket- taken in UK – then ( 25 yrs ago ) and
now – nothing has changed – both of you just as crazy  as ever !!!

Ofcourse, the most memorable moment for me on that Friday  Night BBQ/
Concert/  Dance  was when you sang that special song for Sweet,  Sweet
Kamala ….   
The Official Photographer- captured that poignang moment very well .

Anyway Gaspar- let me Wish You a Very Happy Birthday , and give a hug to
Kamala from me .
Much  Love, Blessings and Prayers to you and Kamala –


Deepthie .


Happy Birthday Gaspar💐💐💐
As you celebrate a new year today
Our  good wishes for you are there to stay
May the good Lord bless and keep you
Till we meet again at the next RU.


Ranjit and Praxy

20 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Gaspa Gomez!

  1. Dear Gaspar,

    Wish you a Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns of the day.
    Glad I met you at Beruwala .RU 64.
    Recollect how both of us went in your Volkswagen to Galle to look for places to stay when we were posted after the internship,you to Unawatuna DH & myself to Imaduwa Pu.

    Have a great time & hope In I will have the good fortune to meet you again at the next RU.



  2. May God bless you Gasparand may you have health and contentment in the years ahead. It was great meeting you. I was touched by your song.


  3. Many happy returns of the day Gaspar. All the best now and years to come.

    It was very moving to see you sing one of my favorite songs ” on the street where you live” for dear Kamala at the RU 64. At Jeewaka Hostel some of my friends called me Freddie Banda because I sang that song quite often having seen My Fair Lady at;east 4 times.

    With regards,

    Nisantha and Piching


    • Hey Freddie Banda and Gaspar !!

      Yes- Gaspar’s ” Song for Sweet Kamala’ was one of the most moving moments for me, at the Beruwala RU 64…
      Gaspar- I admire your Courage …
      Keep up the Good Work Gaspar- and I wish you a Happy Birthday Day again .

      Freddie Banda — It will be YOUR turn on the stage and behind the ‘mike’ at the next RU– I want to hear you sing !!
      Remember how we used to sing at the New Year Event in Pitts ? with Esiri, you, me and who ever else that was there ?
      Those were good times for sure — with dear sweet Kumi. Siri etc .

      Thanks to Peecha who did all the organizing etc, year after year .



  4. Rajes sends you, Gaspar, good wishes and blessings to Kamala .
    Rajes and my self- we spent some time, y’day, talking over the days of ’64- 69- those were fun days .
    Keep well- Deepthie and Rajes .


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