Batch64 Entertainment


This video doesn’t exist


All you gals and guys this clip is not what you thought it would be ha! ha! Aha. 不不不不不

18 thoughts on “Batch64 Entertainment

  1. Thanks Praxy for posting this creative, “illusive “video.
    I think it is not only designed to invoke feelings, but make you remember it well after switching off the video???


  2. Dear Praxy,

    A story of a relieved man!

    At first glance on the picture you posted, I took my eyes away!

    Felt a sense of sadness, being incompetent to join in the play

    After Narme’s and Seelan’s comments, had the courage to stay

    So went back to realise, what a naughty trick, was the display!



    • Dear Ariya why did you have to look away??? It was your mind that took you in the wrong direction to think otherwise. A simple trick to make people laugh. It is an innocent clip..I would not put rude things on the blog. Praxy


  3. Dear Praxy,

    You are absolutely correct, it is my mind
    Fact is the funny way, most men are wired
    Read through my verse, it isn’t lamentation,
    It is relief expressed over the trick at the end



  4. Gee Praxy !!
    Imagine a Good Convent Girl posting this !!!
    Those nuns must be rolling in their graves — oh no- they must be enjoying it , just as much as I did !!
    What laugh – Great Boob Job– !!!!

    eaglewatcher !!!


  5. I am spending the weekend in Mississauga / Toronto with my sons, who have unlimited internet access ,and I am watching all the Entertainment stuff on the class of 64 web ., and having a blast !

    I visited Rajes to day in the afternoon- she and I had such a good laugh over this Boob Bar !
    Rajes thought this was—‘ what the heck? is this some lab or something like that ? then I looked a little bit more, and this woman appears from no where, and the two guys pop up. it took me a while to figure it out ‘ !!
    I told her she is a good girl who just saw what we were supposed to see, and not think of things we were Not supposed to think of !
    Of course, being Medicos, what else are we supposed to think ?

    We both thought this was a real clever little trick and had a very good laugh .

    Sam- Rajes thanks you a lot for creating the web page- or else, we would all be hibernating on a rocking chair, in the four corners of the world !
    She wants to know- when the next RU will be –

    Keep us posted on the results of the survey you took, and the end result.
    I am keeping ‘ October 2018’ free for a trip to Beruwala, as I have to dance that Hawaiian Dance with Praxy with her new improved , well greased bionic joints !!
    Baila Kumari .


  6. Hey Praxy-
    I just listened to the Entertainment clip you posted a few weeks ago, with the ‘fusion’ of English, and Hindi- complete with full orchestra and chorus .
    It was fantastic and a real blast from the past !

    Made me really, really homesick for the Hindi movie songs I used to listen with Lata Mangeskar and Mohamed Raffi and Mukhesh belting them out, in the old days .

    Also- the lovely rendition of ‘ Somewhere my Love ‘ from the movie Doctor Zhivago back in the 60’s .
    I used to hammer this out on the old piano back then,in the old drill room lunch time dancing time at HFC .

    I remember like yesterday, we were at a Christmas Carol event, and we went to Dr. Darryl Weinman’s home and he played this song on his piano and sang this song for us .
    It was very lovely, and back then, he had a very lovely singing voice .
    I wonder if he is still around in Australia ( Melbourne I think ) .
    I think, Praxy, you were there on this Christmas Carol evening,along with Anslem and Gaspar .
    Thanks again Praxy
    Thanks to Sam– for all the good work post Irma !


  7. Leave it to Kuveni Rani to invoke in us a philosophical meaning to a very” creative and elusive video ” — what a lovely way to describe this .

    Yes- ‘to get you to remember it well after switching off the video’– was just what Rajes and I did .

    Kudus to the person who was the original creator !!

    Thanks Praxy- by the way – from where in the world did you pick this up ?


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