Batch64 entertainment


This video doesn’t exist

A different type of Dance

Way to go Hawaii


10 thoughts on “Batch64 entertainment

  1. Ranjit why do you say just like 2nd MB days??? They are like that now too…with bionic knees, artificial hips and on borrowed time too. ha ha ha. Praxy


  2. Hey you folks- I am going to come for the next RU- 64- Oct – 2018 ?? in Beruwala ,
    complete with a subcutaneous battery system to power up my spring mounted pelvis and do this Hula Hula Dance to the Baila tunes !!
    I need a good partner- to help me, just in case !!
    Praxy- you will beat us hollow with your bionic knees and god knows what else that is bionic !!

    Lovely little video of the Hawaiian gals- I was like that once upon a time !– and still dream of those Colors Night Dances at KG Hall dancing to the tune of ‘ Come on Lets Twist Again ‘ — by Bill Hayley was it back then ?

    Baila Kumari


  3. Dear ‘Baila Kumari, Dilisena tharuwa, Hula Hula dancer’

    Way you danced on Friday night, during our get together

    We felt you already had bionic joints & electricity all over

    Reinforcements are needed only to your dancing partner



  4. Ok Ariya- YOU be my Hula Hula/ Baila partner for the next RU- 2018 in Beruwala !
    I think, you will be just fine, without any battery powered reinforcements .

    Kaleel – was another great partner, on Friday, so was Siri K and Nisantha for a few sessions on Saturday as Peecha was too well dressed up in her real lovely sari outfit- to make a mess of her self dancing, so I had Nisantha for a few sessions . .

    Donnie- was also great- and his popliteal , vascular issues got fixed up on Friday/ Saturday night, by developing a great collateral system it seems, so he did not surgery after he returned to UK- so he told me !

    So, I will keep the joints oiled and greased up , by doing my ‘stay fit ‘ walks in the woods, talking to the birds . !
    See you all soon – baila kumari .


  5. Baila Kumari
    Click below to see the results of the RU Survey. It appears judging by the small sample response they 22 out of 24 are very interested for a October ’18 RU at the same venue. SO lets spread the word and decide on a date.
    /Users/sam/Documents/RU Survey.pdf


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