Update from Deepthie


Sam- if you can, put this on the web- to show it as a continuation of
the Legends of Native  Canadian/  Americans , as it relates to 20th Century
/Canada / America . that we think will help us in time of need .

This is the Monument to Ketchi  – Uwa’ne ‘ at our local waterfront park,
honouring the Legend of Giants Tomb Island .
The spelling is different in this monument .

In the last photo with the map of my area, you can see Giants Tomb Island
at 12 ‘ O ‘clock position , attached to the mainland .
I live exactly at that spot – looking at Giants Tomb Island , with every
sunrise !

For us this Legend is REAL !

3 thoughts on “Update from Deepthie”

  1. HI Praxy,
    Take a look at my ‘comment ‘ on Sam’s post on how Wimal and Sam survived it – put out on the 13th sept I think .
    The ‘ Wealth of Knowledge ” now in the 21st Century — just look up Google !
    Anyway- this is Giants Tomb Island that I wake up to every day, and you woke up to it a few times, when you visited me .


  2. I really need to talk to you please. I had a powerful experience while doing a job in Thunder Beach last week
    Im John Secord


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