4 thoughts on “Report on ground breaking ceremony at NJ Vihara- Wije Kottahachchi”

  1. Dear Wije,
    The Buddha encouraged His followers to think of others,
    whenever they do some meritorious deeds.
    Devotees inform others to share the merits they have accrued.
    By sharing those merits, others would be appeased.
    The act of sharing will encourage others to do likewise.
    Indeed it ia an expression of gratitude to their close ones.

    A ground breaking event, happening in New Jersey
    Glad to share your merits, thanks for making us holy
    Partaking in such a laudable3 event, certainly a blessing
    Tread on ‘The Noble Path’ and procure the ‘Nibbana glory’


  2. HI Wije,
    This Ground Breaking Ceremony comes to America, at a time when such a facility is needed to foster Interfaith gatherings, regardless of Race, Creed, Religion as a place of Respect and Honor .
    Class of 64 is proud to have you among us .
    Thank you – Deepthie .


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