Best Wishes to C.Anandakrishnan !


Dear Ana,

My first roommate at Bloemfontein and a very good friend for life

It was lovely to meet up with you and Indira at our RU, famous

Wish you a happy birthday and a future of good health and peace

Contentment and joy throughout and a stress free very long life





Happy Birthday Ananda !
I wish you all that is Happy and Good on this Special Day , your birthday,
and may you live everyday, as happy as your Birthday Day !

It has been just wonderful knowing you and Indira, all these long years ,
here in Canada.
I remember like y’day, when you and Indira  came to see me and Rajes  at
the Toronto East Gen Hosp- back in 1985 I think it was , when I was doing my
Internship and Rajes was my Ob/ Gyn Resident !
Then, we sure had fun, trekking to U of T for after hours classes for the
LMCC exam, during that summer of ’86, and we all made it  at the exam,  old
as we were back then, and getting older now !!!

It was just lovely, when Anoja and Selva came to your daughter Shamila’s
wedding and Anoja sang  ‘ Jaya Mangala Geeta ‘– that was ever sooo
memorable .
The photo ( 1999 I think it was )  shows us in all our glory- nice and
youthful with heads full of jet black hair !

Then, we all met again- when Shami had her first baby, and most of the A gp
happen to be in Ontario along with Selvarani , and Rajes and my self came
for that occasion of your first grandchild’s arrival .

Then, that trip I did to NFLD back in 2004- when you took  all of us
around, showing us the sights and sounds of that wonderful place called
Newfoundland .
I could go on for ever, recalling all the fun we all had !

However- it was great meeting you and Indira in our own ‘home soil’ for the
RU 64 and you  just about conned  me into giving a flute / song item . !

” Deepthie -Canada has no item on the list- did you bring your flute, can
you sing a song ? “
I was horrified -‘ what song ” ?
” Sing the Mi’ Kmaw Honor Song- I ‘v heard you sing it ‘ sing it today, I
know you can  ‘ !
Doctors Orders —-  Looking Beyond The Skin for sure- so, I obliged and
did it, with just about 30 mins notice and I am sooo happy you put that
pressure on me that day .

Any way- let me wish you a Very Happy Birthday, and may you enjoy this day,
and ALL the days ahead of you, like as if it is your Birthday !!

Your good friend- Deepthie .


Happy birthday. 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽
Dear Ana
Wishes for Health wealth and happiness are on your way
As you celebrate your birthday today.
Enjoy the day and have all the fun
And sip champagne with Indira until the day is done.


Ranjit and Praxy

21 thoughts on “Best Wishes to C.Anandakrishnan !

  1. Happy Birthday Ana, Wishing you many more happy and healthy ones. I think you must be still working and teaching. Congratulations on your best teacher award. Happy to have been friends since St Johns and GCE adv level(UK) practical exam “Gajaying” at Peradeniya!! Cannot forget the “A Team” experience thru med school. Hope you get to make extra time for your golf!! dharma


  2. Dear Batchmates, Thank you to all those who remembered me on my birthday. Your good wishes are deeply appreciated. Sorry for the delay in replying. We have been away, and usually don’t look at email while away! Looking forward to meeting everyone at RU next year.
    Best wishes to all,



  3. Dear Aana
    Belated greetings for your B’day. Wish you many happy returns. It was nice meeting you both at the RU and hope we can meet again
    David Selvarajah


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