Best wishes to Ranjith Gunawardene!




Dear Ranjith, wish you a fabulous birthday very happy

The biggest guy in stature in the batch, astute and brainy

Contentment, good health, peace of mind, joyous and jolly

Blessings on your birthday for a long life, as sweet as honey




Happy Birthday ‘Bigga’ !!!!

I never knew you as Ranjith- always called you by that name the guys gave you – so, Bigga You Are !

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday  today .

I really did not meet you after you left Med School, and only much later ( during the Mid East Crisis )  that I knew that  Bigga married Little Sunila !

We all missed you both very much , and I really missed seeing Sunila , for we were great pals in the old days , visiting her home etc .

I hope we all meet again – Beruwala again, perhaps next year October.

Enjoy this day, and ALL the days to come, in the years ahead, as Time Waits for None .

Happy Birthday- Deepthie .




Dear Bigga as you are affectionately called.
Hope by now you have RU Blog installed.
On this Blog Ranjit and I wish you
Health wealth and prosperity too.

Ranjit and Praxy


16 thoughts on “Best wishes to Ranjith Gunawardene!

  1. My dear “Bigga”,
    Many happy returns of the day & many more to come.
    I haven’t seen you for a while now. When are you coming again to Sydney? We had a good time here in Sydney on your last visit. Regards to Sunila
    Seelan & Jean


  2. Dear Biggs
    Best wishes on your birthday . Hope you r well. Pl give our regards to Sunila. Will try to meet you when we come to UK next
    Satha & selvi


  3. Wishing you a happy birthday. I still remember Blomfonteen time we spend together. Enjoy your birthday with family and close friends. Indragee AMARASINGHE.


  4. Happy birthday Bigga, Wish you many more. Good to hear you are still working. Missed you at the RU, but glad to have met at the mini UK RU, at St Albans.Thanks for dinner that day. And again in Durham. You and Sunila have been pillars of support for CJ at his time of great sorrow. Thank God for friends like you both. dharma


  5. Hi Bigga , I missed your birthday greetings on RU website. Nevermind !!! Wishing you a very happy birthday , with good luck & good health &prosperity in all the years ahead. Keep an eye on the ” Wellawatha Police Station ” , to make sure they do not ring me again.


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