Best Wishes to Ajith fernando


My dear Ajith,

It was nice we bumped on to each other recently in a plane

This note is to wish you a very happy birthday, full of joy

Fame and prosperity, I do not have to wish, you got in abundance

Wish you good health, contentment and a stress free very long life




Happy Birthday to you Ajith !
You have a well known date for your Big Day- 9/11.
I hope your Birthday Day will be Special for ALL the Good Reasons .

It was great to see you at the RU  Beruwala , and I will give you the Oscar
for  your performance as The   Nurse  with the Best and Biggest  Boobs , and
I sure envy you !
All of you in SL Block Concert Item, gave a stellar performance  .
I don know- who had the better item- SL  Team, or USA  Team.
Anyway it was a whole lot of fun  and , I never knew that ‘comic’ side of
you- perhaps you were too busy back in the 60’s just cramming, to getting
out ASAP!

We all must meet again- Sooner rather than later- perhaps next year
October, in Beruwala .
So till we meet again- Live a Good Life and Enjoy every Day as your Happy
Birthday Day !

Deepthie .

Many Happy returns of the day🎉🎉🎉🎉
Dear Ajith 9/11 is a day we cannot forget
As it is an important day etched on the internet.
So we send you best wishes for your birthday .
And ask you not to worry about your hair  going grey. 😀😀😀


Ranjit and Praxy



14 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ajith fernando”

  1. Dear Ajith,
    Many happy returns and all good wishes for health and contentment in the years to come. Also happy fishing-a sport that gives you immense pleasure.
    Narme and Nirmali Wickremesinghe.


  2. Thank you very much my beloved batchmates ! It was heartening to read your sincere wishes !! Thanks everyone ! AJITH


  3. Dear Ajjah,[ The way we called you],

    This is Wimal Fernando writing to wish you a very happy Birthday. Great to see your face in photo. Remember great days we had in SIG groups & getting traumatized by demonstrators. We were in the same group always./Have a good year & many more years to come. Last I saw you in Colombo at a dinner you guys gave me , when I visited Sri Lanka. Good Luck.



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