Batch64 Entertainment


Enjoy this clip shared by Praxy

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11 thoughts on “Batch64 Entertainment”

  1. Very nice to listen to this soothing music after attending & taking part in the eulogy at the funeral of one of my long standing friend Dr N.Rasalingam in New Zealand (Former Ceylon Badminton champion & old boy of Royal college as well as ex Bloemite)
    Thank you Praxy


    1. Hi Seelan, Dr Rasalingam is he the Anaesthetist from Rotorua in North Island? If that is the guy then I used to be good friends with him in another life time. I think he was a cousin of late Rama Karthigesu from Auckland/Whangarei I was good friends with. I think Rama was Anton Ambroses batch and married to Lakshmi.


  2. Thank you Praxy . What a lovely rendition of “Giltha dapatha dapatha” . Hindi music and English music sung together with a full Orchestra. As MSP put it lovely fusion music.



  3. Thanks Sam, You have taking care of our web page in spite of the impending worst hurricane, Irma’s approach. That is dedication. We appreciate your dedication. Please keep it up. GBU


  4. Dear All
    I am glad you enjoyed it. I too enjoyed it very much even though I could not understand the Hindi words. Lovely combination of English and Hindi songs. Praxy


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