15 thoughts on “Photo Quiz – Rani”

  1. Looks like a creature from a Horror Movie – Remember that old James Bond movie, with Shawn Connery , when he was woken up by a Black Widow Spider on his bed, planted by the enemy folks- : KGB or something like that ?
    I forget the name- came out in the early 60’s when we were in Med School .
    well- this one — looks like a real poisonous one .
    I will stay away from it – even though I like Nature- somethings in Nature- I dont want to know , and this is one of them !
    Snake Charmer eagleD


  2. Kandyan Dancer with a scary mask.

    Just kidding. I think it a Madagascar Cockroach insect Beetle. I think it is also called the Hissing Beetle


  3. Soon Will be posting a detail description of the image ,and the hidden ,Unknown ,amazing ,information, to the interested Entomologist s,


  4. Congratulations Nissantha,yes it is a “giant Weta,”.

    the largest and the heaviest insect in world.

    Found in the Little Barrier island in Newzealand..

    What makes the “Weta” such a formidable I animal is that it’s like something out of a SC-FI- novel ((Deepthie u guessed it) one variety has evolved an ability to go into suspended animation . The so called Mountain Weta cab be frozen in ice for several months and then just resume regular life when it THAWS.as if nothing has happened .
    HOW? Because of a protein that prevents the make of ICE crystals in the blood like fluid.

    Would you believe this? It’s older than some Dinosaur s, Fossils found from the Triassic period 190 million years ago show striking similarities to the WETA that inhibit Newzealand today.


  5. Thanks Rani. I knew a little bit about the Giant Weta. However I waited for our expert Entomologist Rani ,to give more details.
    Now I know a little bit more.



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