Northern Lights over Giants Tomb Island- Penetanguishene- Deepthie

Here are the pics of Northern lights- taken by Peter Ridout,  from my beach
area- on the sept 23rd- a few days after I returned home from the Northwest
Passage trip- and the Northern Lights of Greenland and the Ilulissat Glacier
You can see the island Giants Tomb- that I have taken- in day light, and at
sunset when the sky turns a lavender blue – pink- purple .
There are a few lights at the island- as people camp out here till the snow
and the lake freezes . Then, when the lake freezes- they are out  again on
snow mobiles- doing the same thing !!- day time ofcourse .
31613 and  8773.– the lights on the island a nicely seen here .

We have NO street lights and so, we have real dark skies to stargaze —
which I do !
I navigate my self in the skies , when ever we have a clear night !

I have see the Northern Lights quite a few times, during the 27 yrs I have
lived here .
The best was in nov- 2001 or 2002- forget which  — I did not take photos-
there was NO digital magic at that time —
it was an Aurora Oval–  that danced in the sky for over and hour
–Spectacular is the word !!
The whole neighbour hood gathered on my beach to watch this spectacle !

Hope you like my Tales of Northern Lights !

Glacier Girl !


20 thoughts on “Northern Lights over Giants Tomb Island- Penetanguishene- Deepthie

    • Hey Kuveni Rani –
      You who know just about everything about anything and everything , — I dont believe you have Not heard of Northern Lights. !,

      Tourists from all over the world, come to Yellowknife , Canada, , the Northern Light Capitol of Canada, and spend millions doing so, just to see the Light Show in the winter !

      The same phenomenon is present in Australia – and Southern Hemisphere .

      There are many lovely ‘legends/ stories ‘ about Northern Lights among the Inuit people and those living on the Circumpolar Regions, stories passed down for many generations , that gives another dimension to this wonderful solar phenomenon .

      The Husky dogs give a peculiar bark , when they see this- -perhaps the electrical charges in the atmosphere trigger a sensory change to recognize this .

      Indeed, I heard this peculiar bark, while I was in Churchill, Manitoba, some yrs back in August- and sure enough, saw the most spectacular Light Show- when I took a chance ,( as there are polar bears ,always ‘stalking the town ‘ . )and ventured outside into the night, out of the motel where we were staying, to see it , and it was worth the chance .
      I am still alive to tell the tale !

      Read all about it- on Google !!


    • Dear Simone,
      I too cannot believe that you had not heard of Northern Lights…may you have heard of it as Aurora Borealis….that is how I came to know it many many years ago…never knew it was called Northern Lights till I came to UK. Knowing that you are an Encyclopaedia of the first grade I think you are ”pulling our legs” Praxy


  1. Dear Eagle D
    Fantastic photos. In fact I have been planning a trip to see the Northern Lights for a long time. We were in Greenland and saw the glacier but not the Northern Lights as we went in July. But it was nice to have day light the whole day. I could not sleep at all as I was looking at the time and comparing the day light at different times of the night which we did not have. Even yesterday I was looking at the trips to northern Lights and was thinking of going there next Winter. Thanks for the photos. Praxy


  2. HI Praxy,
    Northern Lights are a solar phenomenon- when the sunspots gets active, which is once in eleven years, it puts out very powerful ‘solar emissions ‘ that are electrically charged , that come racing down to our atmosphere .
    When these powerful solar emissions reach out atmosphere, they interact with the Oxygen, and Nitrogen atoms, and this is what gives the brilliant colors .

    Very often – what I see are yellow, white and green , over the island of Giants Tomb .
    Last year, about this time, when Shiranci’s daughter spent 2 wks with me, she got lucky, and we saw it over the island, about midnight .
    I kind of ‘had a feeling ‘ when these solar emission occur, and so I kept waking up from time to time, to look out of my bedroom window and finally saw it around midnight .

    Even last night, and for a few nights before that , I was restless ! and I am sure there must have been solar activity in the very north .
    There is a site on google that gives these predictions- that I view from time to time .

    It has to be a very powerful emission to see the red / purple, which I have seen from time to time .
    These photos taken via special Astrophotography cameras- capture the colors well, as when Peter Ridout took these pics- we could only see the white, yellow and green lights with our naked eyes .
    However, we could see on his camera screen, the red and purple- and that was interesting .

    There were three Astrophotographers from the Astronomy club, and they set up the cameras on the beach and did the work, and we ladies watched the Light Show – that went on for about 2 hrs – sept 23rd, 2014.
    Then, soon after that , I left for SL for the RU 64- so, 2014 has been a very memorable year in my life .travelling to the Arctic Northwest Passage, and a few wks later to the tropics , with Northern lights in between .
    This year too, there has been very powerful emissions – long past the eleven year cycle .
    You may get lucky next year- to to Greenland / Norway- that is closer to you, in about sept. / oct when day light is getting shorter .

    Good Luck – eagleD


  3. HI Praxy- you must be asleep now, but I just saw on cbc internet news- that a major solar flare has occured and a ” geometric storm watch ” has been issued by US Space Agency – and now I know why I was feeling erieee all day today, the creepy creature that I am !

    Yes- there are LOTS and LOTS of things I dont know about . but I do know a few things !!

    The news said ‘the Coronal Mass Ejection ” ( CME) from the sun started on monday 4th sept, and it will be reaching the Earth, over Southern Ontario/ USA , late sept 6th and early 7th .

    It is cloudy and raining here- but I a m going to stay up all night and watch for this – you never know, I may get lucky .
    Knowing how I ‘feel’ this- I will never sleep tonight- might as well pull an All Nighter !
    I sent the link to Rani Simone- and I will send it to you too- ( private e-mail ) , so you can see what is going on .


    • Thanks Deepthie for the web portal you sent about the coronal flares. It was very interesting to read about it and see the video too.. Every winter there are trips from here to Iceland to see these lights. You said they occur once in 11 years.. This makes me wonder whether these organised trips are only to see the green part of the NL. I think I should definitely see these. You are really fortunate to see them from your door steps.Thank for sending it. Praxy


  4. Hi Deepthie
    Thanks for posting the beautiful photos of the northern lights. You r so lucky that you have witnessed this spectacular phenomenon. I think it is a bit too late for us to travel so far to see this. Who knows. If we r lucky we may visit the arctic some day in the future hope u r well


  5. Deepthi thanks for sharing the pictures of Northern Lights. I have never seen Northern lights , but was contemplating going to Iceland to witness it. Perhaps I should think of Canada now. Thanks Deepthi for the scientific explanation of the Northern Lights.

    Northern lights is known as Aurora Borealis.

    Rani I am surprised that you have not heard of Southern Lights Aurora Australis. It is the same phenomenon but occurs in the Southern hemisphere. The best place to see southern lights , is you guessed it, Antartica. You can see Aurora Australis in Tasmania, South Island New Zealand , Southern Chile etc.



  6. HI Selvi !
    I hope I can see the Light Show tonight .
    It seems a real coincidence , that I had Sam put out this post y’day , not knowing that there has been a quite a dramatic Coronal Mass Ejection on monday 4th sept .
    , This will give a good show of Northern Lights, to be seen over much of Southern Ontario- ie Toronto, Ottawa , Montreal etc tonight, ( 6th ) tomorrow nigh ( 7th ) – if we all get clear skies .

    The skies over the lake / Island cleared now ., so I a m pulling out an All Nighter for this, and hoping for the best !

    This I knew only today afternoon , when I checked the US Space Weather Prediction Center site and also randomly googled Northern Lights over Ontario- 2017.
    Now I know , why I was sooo restless last night, and all day today — I am getting spooky and wierd now, in my old age I must say !

    I am sure there is a google info site, for Aurora Australis too – if you are interested in this kind of thing.
    It is the same solar phenomenon, with a different name . .

    There were many tourists on board, when I was on the Arctic Northwest Passage Tour, back in sept 2014 .
    If you ever decide to go , let me know, I will give you the ‘know how and how to ‘ on the subject !

    Always good to hear back from you !-


  7. HI Nisantha,
    good to hear from you .
    I think, I sent you these pics about an year ago .
    Tonight- there is supposed to be a ‘light show ‘ so, I am up watching tv and doing laundry, waiting for the light show to start !
    Perhaps you may be able to see it from where you are too .
    I will send you the info I got today .

    If you are going to Iceland- go in august-sept- when there is some darkness .
    I am going to Iceland next year- in July – with the same company that took me to the Arctic .

    However, as you know, this is a solar phenomenon , when the sun spots get active every eleven years, but, some how, the solar activity is now present, even much later than eleven years .
    Anyway- you do the research on the subject !- good luck .
    By the way- the skies have cleared out here, the stars are out, so is the moon-

    good luck – eagleD


  8. To Deepthie,Praxy and Nissantha, I have lived in Tasmania for about a year in 2001, At that time I did not know about the Southern Lights “Aurora Australis”.Missed a golden opportunity to view the solar phenomenon?


  9. HI folks,
    Did not see the Aurora over night though I spent the night on the living room couch !
    Just could not keep my head up past 2 am- and nothing till then, and even after that I was ‘waking up ‘ from time to time and looking out- nothing , even though the skies cleared around midnight .

    Will try again tonight- as the Coronal Mass Ejection Solar Flare was massive and predicted to be around the earth’s atmosphere for another 24 hrs .

    Praxy/ Rani- glad you both enjoyed the google link on the Northern Lights,that was supposed to be over Southern Ont/ USA.
    I hope you get to see it some where, some place .

    Anyway- it was fun ‘talking ‘ about the Northern Lights ( Aurora Borealis ) .

    Thanks Sam- for posting it.

    I do hope and pray that you, Wimal and families are out of the path of Irma’s wrath .
    Ranjith wrote back to me to say that he and Shanthi are in Calif at the moment, and Asoka and Arundathie are out of the country .
    This makes me feel good .

    Keep safe – eagleD


  10. HI Praxy,
    Though the maximum Sun Spot activity is a 11 year cycle, with Coronal Emissions, since of late, this has really not been the case .
    The huge one I saw was on nov 5th – 2001, right on my beach with a huge coronal oval swirling over head, for 3 hrs or so,. till midnight , and I will never forget that night !!
    We who gathered on my beach suffered neck sprain !
    So, if this was the case, then the next big emission time would be 2012.

    But, there was a huge emission in 2006- so, start counting from 2006 !

    So, we are seeing good light shows now in 2017– a lot more frequent in Yellowknife, Alberta ( Edmonton ) and Saskatchewan .
    So, it is hard to predict this solar phenomenon .

    Rani- sorry to know that you lived in Tasmania and missed the Aurora Australis .
    You see my dear, we learn different things at different times in our life, and there is always a good reason for this .

    My Astronomy friend just e-mailed me ‘ try tonight- we may get lucky ‘ !
    Rain is in the works for us tonight , and the clouds are already gathering at 12. 25 pm now .

    Ok- this is all for the Aurora Forecast !

    Dilisena Tharuwa !

    hey- Ariya- where are you ?- up with the stars ?


      • Hey Narme,
        Seeing the Midnight Sun – is also a wonderful experience .
        I have not seen this yet- but, will be in Iceland next year, mid July- when it is time for the Midnight Sun !
        Time to make another trip to Finland when there is longer darkness – like in Sept- Oct . for a better chance at seeing the Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights .
        It will be cold though .
        Good Luck .
        Eagle Eye Deepthie .


  11. Dear ‘Dilisena tharuwa’,
    I have learnt an awful lot about Solar flares
    Amazing photos and your write ups first class
    True nature lover knowledgeable of every facet
    Our good Kamma has made you join our batch


  12. Gee Ariya – so you came down from the stars seems like !!

    Glad you liked the post on Northern Lights – I sent you these pics 2 yrs ago- and I suddenly came across them, as I was going through ‘ Ariya’s poems’ , and thought of sending them to Sam-
    Glad it’ passed the “editorial discretion ‘ and made it to the web !!

    On another note- Iam worried sick with what is going on with ‘Irma’ .. Sam and Wimal out there with their families .
    Asoka / Arundathi- out of the country and Ranjith and Shanti in California .

    Certain celestial events- Solar Eclipse , Full Moon and Sun Spot Activities triggering the Coronal Mass Ejections , Earth Quake in West Mexico, Hurricane in East Mexico and the Hurricanes- Harvey , Irma, Jose etc, all within such a short time,- I cant help but wonder ‘is there a connection ‘ here, that we are missing ?

    One half of the Continent is drowning in the East while the other half is burning in the West – BC, Canada .

    Some Food For Thought for Greater Minds … and sorry for the Gloom and Doom Thoughts ..

    eagleD .


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