9 thoughts on “Batch64 Photo quiz- Sreetharan

  1. Flowering Tree- is Rhododendron- photo taken 3 yrs ago in Ladysmith, British Columbia- Canada .

    BC- is the Rhodo Capitol of Canada- it is virtually a ‘gas station plant’ as we gardeners call some plants that need minimal care .
    In BC- the milder temps in the winter , lots of rain . acidic soil conditions makes this shrub a real top favourite among gardeners .

    For those of us in more northern areas of Ontario – like me with winter temps going down to minus 20 Deg C- I have to cover mine with burlap to protect the buds from winter damage , known as dessication ie- when the ground is frozen, and the bright sun too strong for the plant that is still alive with ever green leaves and flower buds , with NO moisture to replace what is lost by winter sun evaporation .

    my shrubs- are now 19 yrs old- and quite small, and I cove them all with burlap every winter . Another reason- to prevent deer from eating the leaves and flower buds .
    There are quite a number of flower buds on my rhodo shrubs , as the buds are put out in august .
    In warmer areas of Canada- Nova Scotia, some inland areas of Newfoundland, and of course in Toronto- Niagara and other areas of Southern Ontario Mother Nature looks after them through the winter .

    So- there you are- a brief lesson on Rhododendrons .
    eagleD ( Master Gardener ! )


  2. I forgot to mention- there is species of Rhodos known as Rhododendron zeylanica- named after Ceylon- , where a cutting was brought over to UK by travelling botanists, many years ago, from Horton Plains Rainforest area mountain forests .

    Rhodos are natives of the Himalyan mountain ranges .

    Rhodos — gorgeous flowers in many colors , long lasting shrubs are really common all over the world .


  3. A true floral extravaganza, thanks for sharing with us, my dear Sree
    Every twig and branch beautifully dressed as far as my eye could see
    With Deepthie, nature buff, floral expert in the batch, all should agree
    A sight like of which never seen before, a fabulous Rhododendron tree


  4. Praxy and Ariya, and those in UK- Rhodos are really common out there .
    I have seen some real gorgeous ones in Juneau , Alaska, and along the many Alaskan small port cities on the Inside Passage ., when I was on the Alaska Marine Hwy travelling from Prince Rupert ( BC ,Canada ) to Juneau about 10 yrs ago .
    The warm Pacific Ocean climate seems to favour the growth of these shrubs, similarly along sheltered areas on the Atlantic coast of Canada .

    Anyone visiting the Himalayan mountain areas will see Rhodos .
    I have not seen it in ‘ Ceylon’ though the original cuttings came from Ceylon, about a100 yrs ago .
    I have not hiked in the Himalayan mountain ranges, nor in ‘up country ‘ in Ceylon .

    Thank you Sree- for this lovely photo of the Rhodo Shrub– though it was called ‘ a tree on google ‘ !
    It is a miracle that this lovely ‘tree ‘ escaped the urban developers bull dozers – as the house near it looks about-50- 60 yrs old , and this was a time, when houses were built like bee hives , all over big cities in Canada .
    You sure made me by pass Winter, and go right into Spring Mode !!!

    Thanks again- eagleD


  5. To Sree-Thank you for sharing the Flowery Photo Quiz

    Deepthie the Plant Taxonomist thank you for the detailed Picturization of the Rhododendron


  6. Thanks Sree for the lovely picture of the 125 year old Rhododendron. Deepthi thanks for the detailed description of the Rhododendrons.

    I would like to add that the word Rhododendron is derived from Greek. Rhodon in Greek means ROSE . Dendron means TREE. ROSE TREE , although Rhododendrons are considered shrubs the one in the picture can be called a tree.

    There are lots of Rhododendrons where we live planted by the landscapers. They are of various colors. In the spring they look very pretty in full bloom



  7. I have rhododendrons in pots in my garden. They look lovely when they flower in spring. They need lot of care in the north of England where I live.


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