15 thoughts on “Batch64 Photo Quiz

  1. This free standing thing is called ” Mighty Thunder to Wake Up All ‘ !!!!

    This is in Praxy Castle – where ever the Castle is !!

    It does shed a lot of light on the Sleeping Beauties – trapped in the Web .


    • Dear Eagle D,I wish I had a castle….. no not really…. I would get lost in it, as I got lost in this castle…..my humble home is my castle. Praxy


  2. They are called Acanthus or Gothic style candelabra. I think they are found in churches, ancient castles and Praxy’s Castle as Deepthi alluded to.



  3. Dear Praxy, of all the quizzes posted, yours is a real humdinger
    Excellent most brains of our batch have guessed, only one is near
    Though Vatican City to Buckingham Palace, answers had come
    Candlabrum from your palatial mansion, seems the credible one


  4. My dear Seelan,
    Dear Praxy has foxed us with a real toughy
    None of us can solve it need help in a hurry
    As a well travelled man in our batch, brainy
    Solve this puzzle of the candlabrum, mighty


  5. Dear All,
    Yes some have guessed …nearly correct. It is called a Torchere – a large floor standing candelabra made in Venice in the 1840s. Designed to hold 12 candles to illuminate the dining rooms of castles. They were converted to electricity in the 20th century. Praxy


  6. Torchere– I guess- this is how the word ‘torch ‘ came to be .
    I am not a fan of castles, built by the mighty rich and famous, , through the blood , sweat and tears of the less fortunate .
    I guess you saw this one your recent visit to Wales last week .

    Anyway my dear Praxy- thanks for the great quiz- learn something new every day .


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