4 thoughts on “Batch64 Entertainment-Rani

  1. Thanks a lot Rani for the lovely ‘Floor Dancing ‘ .
    Love the flute playing and the beat of the drum – done with this knees .

    I did something like this- playing the flute, sitting on a rock, by a nice stream of water, for a few days in a few hiking trails in Sedona area, some years back, and it was really a great hit and then, park security chased this old sun burnt brown indian flute playing woman off , but not before I collected enough gas money and dinner money for a week !!
    I was dressed in regular hiking clothes at that, but my long braided hair and the beaded hair barrette on my head, beaded ear- rings, and my buckskin beaded vest, beaded flute bag , seem to be an added attraction !

    It was a real fun experience for sure .

    Thanks again- eagleDfluteplayer !


  2. The Pan Flute one of my favorite instruments. Enjoyed it very much and the interesting dancing. Would have liked to see more of the Pan Flute.
    Thanks Rani.


  3. HI Narme,
    Your memory is excellent – gee I am impressed and scared too wondering what else would Narme remember !!
    I did play a little ditty from the movie The Last of The Mohicans- and it is similar to this song played by this person .
    I will look up Google Mama for more info .
    Nice post Rani- thanks again !
    eagleDfluteplayingsnakecharmer !! ( nai natawana kari! )


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