More Snake Drama from Deepthie

Snake Stories  from a Snake Charmer !!!

On July 21- I went on a guided hike with the local  Awenda Provincial Park
Rangers, and there were a gp of about 10 of us .
About halfway into the hike,  the robins started a ruckus- and we thought
we had disturbed a nest with chicks .
One lady shouted ‘ I see the nest ‘.

I run to see- and there it was a huge Barred Owl, with a decapitated snake
it is tallons, perched on a  tree looking down at us !
The robin birds raised the alarm for all of us .
This was truly the highlight of the guided hike !
You can see the pics of the Barred Owl  curiously eyeing  us with the
decapitated snake, firmly grasped in its tallons .
It must be hunting by day , to feed its owlets , as owl as you all know,
are nocturnal hunters  .

This Northern Water Snake  is my friend ! and it lives amidst the rocks and
brush piles  I have created as a ‘snake habitat’  on my rocky  waterfront
area .
It uses the brush pile as a place to lie down and soak up the sun  as you
can see in these photos taken on May 31 and July 28 .

Then the other day – July 29- I went to the deck to have my breakfast- and
thought I will say ‘ HI ‘ to my friend – and there it was- with a fish in
its mouth ready for breakfast  !
I took a few good photos and a few neat video clips that the local
Provincial Park staff will ‘stich together ‘ for teaching purposes as it
shows the actual movement of the jaws as the snake was swallowing the fish
whole .
All the while, I was no more than 2 ft from  my friend , with its tail
virtually between the tips of my toes , with the water lapping at my feet .
We know each other well, but we know how to respect each others space too .

So, the story is – Owl Eats Snake and Snake Eats Fish  !

This is Mother Nature’s Cycle of Life .

The photos taken by me, this year- 2017 from May 31st  to July 29th .
Enjoy !- EagleD


Also enjoy these Videos shared by my son Johan Raj


This video doesn’t exist

This video doesn’t exist

Here is the Story .

 July 21- 2017 – Awenda Provincial Park- Nature Walk .
I signed up for the Nature Walk- there were three guides  and about a dozen
of us visitors .

Half way through the walk, we heard the robins screeching away as if we
scared them, or we were too near their nests .
One lady says ” I see the robin nest ‘

I run to see my golly- it was a this HUGE Barred Owl, with a headless snake
in its tallons !
The group of us- we stood in stunned silence and watched the Owl, watching
us .
It was real neat to see this owl, turning its head a full 360 deg virtually
to scan  this inrusive bunch of two legged  visitors .

I took a few video clips and some still photos .
We were watching this Owl for nearly 20 mins .

One of the park rangers put my little video clips together and added   some
music, that I don’t know,  and appropriate text .
Enjoy !

Snake Charmer eagleD


15 thoughts on “More Snake Drama from Deepthie

  1. Thanks to both of you for posting the snake drama pics. I did enjoy listening to the background , music ,more than viewing the snakes.

    An extended gratitude to you Dear Deepthie, your collection of SNAKE pics ,is helping me to overcome my phobia ,in a systematic desensitisation method of therapy.


    • Ya- Desensitisation- is the right word Rani !

      The Music- was added on by the junior park ranger who stayed at my home for two months, the time she worked at Awenda Provincial Park-
      I know nothing about the music in the videos- but the junior park ranger liked it, so I let her add what ever she wanted .
      She ‘stitched together ‘ the little video clips I took, and my son Johann, helped to ‘send ‘ them to Sam .
      So, this has been a joint effort .

      I told Sam- to add on the ‘text’ to the photos and videos, so they make more sense to the reader .
      Thanks Rani- Hope your Fear of Snakes- will go away !!
      Snake Charmer- aka eagleD


  2. Hi Deepthie
    Thanks for posting the video clips. I enjoyed it. I know that you are a lover of nature and the place you selected to stay is well suited for it.


    • Hey Rajabalendran !
      Nice to see the responses from Down Under coming early , and glad you enjoyed the two video clips that the Junior Park Ranger for Awenda Provincial park put together for me , during the two months ( july and aug ) she lived at my place .

      I know you lived in Alice Springs for 30 years- the Heart of the Australian Desert Country and Snake Country for that matter .
      I know the Aus Aboriginal people really respect and honor the snakes in the desert and I have many paintings done by them, depicting snakes, and snake eggs.

      Did you have any experiences with Snakes, Snake Bites etc during your 30 yrs as virtually the ONLY permernent doctor in Alice Spring/ and surrounding areas ?
      if you did , and I am sure you did in the 30 yrs you worked there , let us know .

      I remember Prof Dissanayake giving us a Parasit lecture on Snakes and Snake bite treatment by Dr Lionel in Pharmo .
      If I remember right, only late Ben Rajapakse had any good knowledge of snakes back then and he knew a lot !
      good to hear from you !
      Deepthie- aka snakecharmer !


  3. My dear Deepthi
    I am thrilled to read your interesting posting
    In the middle of Mediterranean Sea floating
    Though I detest snakes the account & pictures
    Above all your enthusiasm made me to think again


    • Hey Ariya !
      So, you are floating in the Med Sea !- take look at sea creatures if you see any !!!
      You are a real cruise ship fan for sure – I stay away from cruise ships, like most people stay away from snakes !
      Seems to me, that I am on the ONLY odd one in the Class of 64 that has a fascination for snakes .
      Now I realize that ,even the few original Aus Aboriginal art works I bought some 25 yrs ago- in Adelaide , have snakes painted on them.
      I am glad you like the two video clips .
      The one with the Owl Eating Snake- was taken when I was on a guided walk at our local park on july 21 this year , and this was THE highlight of the hike .
      The other’ Snake Eating Fish ” taken at my home- when I saw the snake with the little baby trout in its mouth one morning , when I sat down on the deck to have my late breakfast .

      the Moral of the two videos- is Mother Natures Food Chain- Snakes Eat Fish, and Owl Eats Snake .
      Who ‘eats’ us ‘Two Legs ‘– Mother Nature , and this we see all the time , where right now, one half of America is burning ( BC Canada forest fires ) and the other half is drowning – Texas …

      Enjoy Nature while the going is good .
      Thanks Ariya- eagleDsnakecharmer !


  4. Hi Deepthi

    Thank you for sharing the two videos . I am not a fan of snakes ,but it looks as if the whole family likes outdoor life enjoying Gods creatures and their behaviour.Last time when I visited my sister in Canada I admired the birds that visit her garden along with the squirills how the later competes with each other for the nuts left for birds. I took a few pictures to show my grandchildren specially the blue Jay and yellow fin which we do not find them in London.

    Otherwise hope all is well with you .

    Kind regards



    • HI Marina !
      Good to hear from you, and I did not know, you had a sister here , and the next time you come to Canada, let me know .
      Out door Life is very much a great past time here in Canada- year round .
      We dont complain about the cold – just get out and enjoy – is the motto .

      As for birds- lots of birds here – and I hand feed my chickadee birds , and the Blue Jays come to eat the left overs , along with the squirrels .
      It is amazing the variety of birds in North America- Canada- specially during Migration time- that is going to start in a month , and again in the Spring .
      I enjoy out door life- that is why I live where I live , but, even in the big cities, one can still enjoy bird watching with back yard feeders and bird baths, and small ponds .
      Glad you liked the two videos and look up my other responses to get the full story on the two videos , and show these videos to your grandkids !
      Let me know, the next time you are in Canada .
      eagledsnakecharmer !


  5. My dear Deepthie,
    Just reached the Southampton pier
    Ending the cruise, very sad my dear
    You are correct we like our cruises
    Next one due is around the UK cities

    We tend mostly use Cunard and Princess cruise ships
    Cover many cities, good food and company tremendous
    Ideal for us oldies, many to talk and entertainments fabulous
    I Love to sit in balcony, gazing at the sea and write my verses


    • Hey my dear Kavi karya !.
      Yes- nice way to write poems- ” to sit on a balcony gazing at what ever ocean, and write my verses “!!
      For your next one- try Circumnavigation Around Iceland .
      I am doing this- with Adventure Canada- NOT a cruise by any stretch of imagination, but a real Adventure with hiking boots, back pack etc etc , but going around Iceland , with land hikes daily, with accomodation on the ship with 200 hikers and guides + crew – more than this I cannot handle .
      Accomodation /food is the sticking point in Iceland- very costly .

      Adventure Canada- the folks that took me to the Arctic North West Passage and to Nfld/ Labrador , and all Canadian, environmentally friendly company, based out of Toronto .

      Good Luck on your Round UK Cities with Cunard !

      By the Way- my Snake friends seem to have vacated the Snake House on the waterfront, and relocated perhaps inland , and getting ready for winter hibernation with its clan members , as I have not seen them in 2 days- which is the longest time I have not seen them, since early May .



      • Dear Eagle D
        Today only I got to have a good look at the video you posted a few days back. Some how I missed it earlier. By Golly that was a huge snake and I do not know how the video was done as I would have run a mile had I seen one. Is Awenda Park the one you took me to see, where you played the flute and you had an audience of foreign tourists listening to your flute music?? Praxy


  6. Yes- Awenda Park is the park that I took you to and I stood on the board walk and played the flute to entertain visitors, and I still do this .
    I took several video clips, as the Owl was very co- operative and was more interested in looking at us two legs !

    We were watching it for about 20 mins , and this was the TREAT for the Day for those of us who were lucky enough to register for the guided hike .
    It just held on to the decapitated snake all the time .
    it was a photographer’s dreamtime !!!! and some folks had real fancy cameras , and all I had was my little pocket Cannon and it still took great pics and videos .

    The other Video- ‘ Snake Eating Fish ” was right on my beach deck- that you, Rajes, and Kumi / Siri sat around many years ago .
    That old deck is still doing good, even after 25 yrs – a miracle indeed . !

    I had a junior park ranger put the two videos together , and the music was her choice !
    This young ranger- stayed at my place for 8 wks ( july and aug ) while she worked at the park , and it was nice having a young up and coming Naturalist staying with me, and she like living with a Master Gardener, in a nice cottage garden !

    This is all for Spooky Snake Tales from a Snake Charmer !
    eagleDsnakecharmer !!


  7. Dear Deep Thie [ Deep Fire – Thie in pure Tamil means fire] You were dealing with eagles and now your son is dealing with snakes.Is there any one close to you dealing with fire and volcanoes? Let me tell you what I was doing.I was the first Medical Officer in Charge for Mahailluppallama Agricultural Research Station.I had lot of Polyvenom in stock.The cobras were in plenty roaming about in the fields.Having read Search In Secret India by one of the famous authors and reading about Ramana Maharishi not attacked by cobras I used to walk amongst the cobras without getting attacked.I was a bachelor at that time . One of the Reasearch Officers used to call me for meals.When he came to know what I was doing he was scared and made me stop by saying that if I walk in the fields with cobras he would not like me to join for meals with him.This made me to stop walking in the fields with cobras in Mahailluppallama. Sree.


  8. HI Sree – I just saw this note today 28th oct -!
    Deep- Thie— Sun Fire- sure fits me !
    Thanks for the meaning of the word .
    It was not my son that took the pics- I took the pics, and the videos, a junior park ranger put them to gether ,and my son sent them to Sam to be posted .
    So, it is the effort of many people !
    You must be a special person – not to get attacked by Cobras at Mahailliuppallama .
    Snakes and amphibians for that matter, can sense the vibes of the person- near them.
    The frogs in my garden pond, stay put, even when I am cleaning the pond .
    Deepthie .


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