More Snake Photo’s from Eagle Deepthie


Snakes taking in the sun-  on their penthouse sun roof !  between 2.49 and
2.55 pm when the sun was about 50% – 60 % still covered by the moon .
One of them crawled out of the snake house penthouse sun roof, and came
into the water, and was facing the sun,  and you can see the yellow of its
belly, glowing , as the moon was receeding slowly, around 2.55 pm-

 I did not really see any bird activity during this time .

The whole show ended for us at 3.30 pm .


7 thoughts on “More Snake Photo’s from Eagle Deepthie

  1. Nisantha ,
    You are right about ‘not crazy about snakes ‘ ! and a lot of people are just afraid of them, for what I dont really know.
    Anyway, snakes, like amphibians are powerful creatures- saddling both worlds- water and land .

    I must say, I do have a lot of fun with my friends in the Snake House – mom, dad and two babes, growing real fast .
    What you see above in the photos are mom and dad ( curled up ) and I think, it was the ‘dad ‘ that crawled out of it and went into the water, and this is its favourite spot in the water, and it used this spot last year too .

    I thought I will add a new dimension to the Science of Eclipse of The Sun , where Grandmother Moon Kissed the Face of Grandfather Sun, on her Journey from Ocean to Ocean, across ” Turtle Island ,which is the Old name for North America, before ‘Contact’.

    , Thank you my dear Spider Man for the post – I guess you are quite well now, up and running, but, take it easy.
    All Good Wishes to the Spider Man !


  2. Dear Deepthie, thanks for the photos,I am suffering from Ophidiophobia, so please pardon me if I do if I do not comment in detail about the images. I do not even step in to the back garden because of my fear


  3. What is the matter with you folks living Down Under- Seelan, Selvi and Simone Devika Rani– you are living in Snake Country !!
    Did you folks not see snakes in the Old Country SriLanka ?
    Ok – to treat the phobic disorder- I am going to get Sam to put out a real neat photo I took about 6 wks ago- Snake And Owl Story !– photo I took at our local provincial park, when I was on a guide hike with park rangers !
    But, it has to pass the Editorial Discretion Staff Board Meeting first !

    Anyway the Solar Eclipse got us talking about creatures that hug the land, and swim the waters !


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