Batch 64 Total Eclipse Photos- Update


These were photos shot by our ace photo enthusiast Dharma. Hope I did a good job compiling them to one frame. Sam


I am one of those fortunate to experience two total solar eclipses. The first one was in Sri Lanka on June 20th,1955.


Like the others who have mentioned here, I remember some aspects of the eclipse very clearly..  We had safe viewing material Darkened film/soot coated glass.  I do not remember the shadow of the moon traversing the sun. But I distinctly remember the darkening of sky and the crows gathering and vocalizing in preparation to roost for the night. I learned that the total eclipse lasted 7 minutes and 8 seconds, one of the longest ever. When the shadow of the moon moved, we experienced the “second dawn” for the same day! The crows did what they usually do at dawn, they started vocalizing and flying around. I wonder if they knew they had spent the shortest “night” of their lives!! Also I recall roosters crowing.


The second was on Aug 21st, 2017 in USA.  We travelled by car, a 5hr trip to Carbondale, Illinois for maximum totality. 2min 37 sec. Eight of us including our grandchildren made the trip. We found a good spot and set up our cameras.  It got hot and humid. 90F (32C), Heat Index was 114F (45C). Much to my disappointment, I experienced heat exhaustion. My son continued the photography. We got 1000 pictures and selected few for the RU news.

This time I experienced

  1. Every moment of the lunar shadow transit over the sun.
  2. The “DIAMOND RING” due to sunlight passing between lunar mountain / valleys or possibly the sliver of sun being                visible.
  3. When the shadow moved out, the light appeared ‘white” like LED light, unlike the usual yellow/orange tinge.
  4. A distinct drop in air temperature, said to be about 8F. The difference was clearly felt
  5. Most exciting for me was, that my family especially our grandchildren were with me to experience this celestial event. I         feel they will remember this for the rest of their lives!!


Carbondale will be in the path of  the next total eclipse  on April 4th,2024. They call themselves “at the cross roads of eclipse”.  I hope to watch it, even if it is from 6 feet under!!!




Dear All
For all those who are still obsessed with the Celestial aura of Eclipse,please add this to the list?
A British Airways pilot clicked this photo of Solar Eclipse when his plane was crossing  Atlantic Ocean. One can see another plane on same flight path wow  what a sight!
—-Hi Sam,
These are the pictures I took of the total eclipse. Few pictures of the pre total , The total and one post total. Pictures taken in South Carolina ,  Village of  Georgetown.
The scene is when it got dark with the total eclipse.


20 thoughts on “Batch 64 Total Eclipse Photos- Update

  1. Thank you Dharma for the great shots and dear Spider Man did a great job compiling them into one nice photo series .

    you are very fortunate to see two Total Eclipses .

    Yes, I too hope to live to see the Total in 2024- another reason, why I should strive to put one foot in front of the other and keep on going !
    I hope I wont be 6ft under !!

    I had 70% darkness here, in Ontario for a short period, and it was particularly a very moving Spiritual moment for me, when Grandmother Moon Kissed the Face of Grandfather Sun, as She was moving across Turtle Island .

    I have a snake family in my ‘snake house ‘ that I built out of brush, sticks etc and a family of 4 lives there , on the water front .
    They came out for a sunbathing stint in the afternoon around noon and I took some real neat pics .
    Then, Daddy came out to investigate why it was getting dark, and curled it self around a little shrub in the water and was taking in the supposedly ‘late afternoon sun’ ! not realising that it will get real hot and sunny later !
    yes- even at 70 % it got cooler and a bit of a wind picked up .
    then, by about 3.30 pm- it was VERY hot !
    the whole event lasted 2 and a half hours = starting at 1 pm, and ending at 3.30 pm .
    I will send the pics to Sam- who will use his editorial discretion to put out the spooky snake pics !

    Thanks again for the wonderful photos.


  2. Hi Dharma,
    Those photos are awesome. Thank you for sending them and of course thanks to Sam for putting them on the Blog for us to see….the unfortunate ones who did not get a chance to see it. Praxy


  3. Dear Dharma,
    Thank you for sharing lovely pictures of the eclipse
    Your own experience and narration of it, is fabulous
    Stuck here, I watched through TV cameraman’s lens
    Wonderful to see your talents and painstaking efforts

    You are an excellent photographer plus a brilliant story teller
    Thank you for publishing in our web, my knowledge got richer
    Keen to see your vivid collection, of birds in multicolour feather
    Please thrill and educate us whenever feasible, friend my dear



  4. Thanks Dharma for the pictures of the Eclipse. We were in North Carolina at my daughter’s house during that period. I drove 3 hours south of there towards Charleston South Carolina to see the total eclipse. It was a spectacular sight.
    I do not remember the total eclipse in the 50’s that well I have a vague recollection of having seen it through smoked glass.
    I shall try to post my pictures too. I was more interested in looking at the total eclipse than taking pictures.
    I was lucky – the heat was not an issue at all. Temps in the mid 80’s.It suddenly felt much cooler when the total eclipse occurred.



  5. Thanks sam for putting the eclipse pictures into a collage. Keep up the good work. Glad the surgery went well and and you recovering well. All the wishes and prayers have worked. dharma


    These photos were taken by my son Joel. I started to set up but suffered from heat exhaustion, he took over and did a good job


  7. Hello Rani And Dharma,

    Spectacular pictures.Thank you.

    I clearly remember similar event in Sri Lanka when I was 12 yrs old.It was really dramatic as a kid.

    The total darkness lasted almost 5 mins.The birds were totally confused and we heard cock a doodle do all round. The birds were welcoming a new morning. The event happened around 10:00 AM.I was at Gampaha.

    Vadakaha played havoc. To be more beautiful people overdosed.Hospitals were inundated with vomiting patients .

    A great thing however was we got the evergreen baila Vadakaha Sudiya by Wally Bastianz

    Thanks Again.

    Best Regards to Rani my co-Ho with Dr. D.J.Attygalle and Dharma great friend and Gentleman.


  8. HI folks,,
    I guess, my ‘ Nature Photos of the Snake House on Eclipse Day ‘ was booted out by Editorial Discretion !!!

    Rani- Nice photo – and I sent you my photo taken like that from Air Canada, window seat #13- that no one wanted , when I was returning from Az this year on the 31march .
    # 13 is my Lucky Number, being born on the 13 th .

    the photo I sent you, was a Sunset photo- so I can imagine what the Eclipse would have looked like .
    Lovely photo- only a pilot can have this luck !
    Dharma- thanks again for the wonderful job your son did- The Apple does not fall Too far from the Tree seems like !!!1

    Esiri- I hope you liked my little video clip that got posted on the 21st- Aug. with you singing Nurse Nona in the bus ! A pity I did not record you singing Vadakaha Sudiya , as we sang it over and over again , during the bus ride from Kynsey Rd to Beruwala .

    eagle D


  9. Nisantha- your photos are just fantastic , and the colors are sooo real !

    Thanks a lot for putting them on our blog for all of us to see .

    Yes- we were lucky to see two total eclipses- one in SL in 1955 and again here in North America 2017, though I saw only a partial with 70% .
    Love the photo of the ‘eclipse night scene’– looks real eerrieee-
    Even at 70%, my garden looked real strange, and the flowers took on a real different look.
    My little pocket Cannon- just just could not capture the Real Thing .

    Thanks again – eagleD


  10. Thanks Sam for posting the images, Dharma and Nissantha, thanks for sharing the the images of the” Celestial Wonder “the phenomenon known as the Total Solar Eclipse
    It helped most of us to relive the event ,even by viewing the news letter ,(once again thanks to Sam.)

    The details of the changes seen during the Eclipse can be seen in the image above and the images posted by our mates.

    I would like to write a few words about the additional signs seen in the images.
    Bailey’s Beads, effect seen as reddish spots just before totality,as the moon makes its final move over the sun.

    Corona and Diamond Ring are clearly depicted in the photo images.

    Chromosphere and Prominence- this arc of red vanishes quickly .Seen for a brief moment of time after the start of the totality. Chromosphere the the thin middle atmosphere remains visible along the Solar limb edge, still being covered by the advancing moon.
    Thanks to Deepthie for reminding us about the animal behaviour during eclipse in addition to the weather changes and emotionaleffect on the individual?


  11. Thanks Dharma, Rani and Nisantha for the photos and comments, and Sam for posting them. I am sorry to have missed it. Like Dharma, I remember the 1955 eclipse clearly. We were in school and each of us was given a special frame with dark lenses to view the eclipse. I still have mine! I too remember the crows cawing (with the darkening) and the roosters starting when it began to get light.

    By the way I saw Halley’s Comet in 1986, (I am sure you all did too), but we definitely will not see it again.



  12. Message from Rose Peiris ,

    Hi Sam
    Rose and JB will be in DC from 20sep to 10 oct with a few days in NJ. It will be good to catch up with old friends

    Rose and JB


  13. HI Anoja !’
    Welcome to the blog !

    Imagine- you still having the old eclipse glasses given at school, back from 1955 !
    Keep it up- we need your wise words, memories etc, etc !
    I remember the time you spent with me in Mississauga and in my old cottage, some 25 yrs ago or so.
    Time for another visit-
    Thanks for the Blog Response !
    Deepthie .


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