Tamil Boy from Scotland

Dear Batchmates,

This morning I am leaving my home for an elective surgical procedure.

I will be off the Blogosphere for a few days,. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 

In the meantime please enjoy this lovely video clip shares by Narme,


Until I return

Sam the Blogmaster



This video doesn’t exist




9 thoughts on “Tamil Boy from Scotland

  1. My dear Sam,
    Human thoughts have magical powers
    Especially of the brand compassionate
    Joining the rest of the ’64 gang of mates
    Send blessings with benevolence in heart


  2. Where ever you may be, what ever the procedure may be , I wish you the very best of Get Well Wishes .
    Class of 64 will miss you , so get well soooon and come back to the Blogsphere , as we need you MORE than you think !!


  3. Dear Sam
    Wish you ‘all the best for’ today,
    And God’s blessings for you we humbly pray.
    May your worries be small ones and soon you will be back,,
    To the golf course you love along with a big picnic pack.
    All the best.
    Ranjit and Praxy


  4. Dear Sam,
    May be you don’t want to tell us about the type of elective surgery. Let me have a guess:- At this age it may be Urological, Orthopedic, hemorrhoids or other benign lumps & bumps!!!
    What ever it is I assume that it is something minor & wish you all the best.
    May the force be with you.


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