Batch64- Entertainment



As Northern hemisphere is going to see a rare spectacle of an Eclipse,
I traced this piece of old music for your attention







Eagle Thoughts from the Class of 64  on  Wadakaya Sudiya !


This video doesn’t exist


“ Aney Mage Emali Pane,

Kiannako Attey  Aney,

Bivva Neda Wadakaha Sudiya ‘ !!!


Well—I was about 10 yrs old I think,  in the 50’s  , it was back then, living in Hendala, and I remember this day of The Total Eclipse  as if it was yesterday !


 We had  and all the fun that followed  the Total Eclipse, with the Wadakaha Sudiya , that we sing even today ( 2014 ) , and sang it in the bus from Norris Canal Rd, all the way  to Beruwala, with Esiri leading the pack !


The best part was, we got a school holiday to watch the Eclipse .

There were enough warnings on what NOT to do – so, my father smoked up some clear glass- and we all watched it .

It became darker and darker at mid day .

The bird stopped singing .

All was quiet .. hush … hush .


Then- it was DARK—-

Dark  as the  Night would get in the tropics back then, with none of that Light Pollution ,  with the stars lighting up the night sky at  Mid Day !“ Almost like the Land of the Midnight Sun of the Canadian Arctic,  where  during the  almost 24 hr  Winter Darkness  Days, when the stars come out at Noon Time  . “


It was Spoooooky to say the least .


Then, slowly but surely- the light began to return- the stars dimmed out   bit by bit ,  the birds started to sing, the Sun came out, and a New Day Started  in the afternoon .

 The   Total Eclipse Came and Went .

We were all happy that we were there to see it .


Now,  Iam  going to see it again, twice in one life time, from Canada /  North America, that  I  now call Home .


I did not have to be an  ‘Eclipse Chasers ‘ running around the world to see ‘ A Total “ (  the Astronomy jargon ! )


Then- came the Wadakaha Sudiya !!!-


The Island  In the Sun Hospitals were packed with ‘diarrhoea cases ‘ and the pretty maidens, who wanted to be even prettier had to shy away and pretend, they did not take the Medicine as was prescribed by the Veda Quacks of the Day .


Now, fast fwd to –  Aug 21st 02017——- Canada/ North America  .


I live in Ontario, where there will be 70% Eclipse and the whole process will take a little over 2 and a half hours , between  1300 hrs– > 1531 hrs .

Those in some parts of USA  will be lucky to have 100 % Total Eclipse, and I  know, Nisantha  Bandaranayake is going to travel to that magic place to see it him self , and send us some nice photos .


  I am  going to take a bit of the Good Medicine- so I will look like Rukmani Devi .

 I told this today, ( 17th aug  afternoon Ontario time )  to a nice Srilankan lady .


She at once  told me wrote back to me —“ Deepthie – why do you want to look like Rukmani Devi, when you look like  Sandya Kumari, who is way better looking than Rukmani Devi “ !!


So, I changed my mind and  I will stay  on, looking like Sandya Kumari !!.

Thank you my dear- YOU are  MY  BEST Friend from Now on !!!


Perhaps Nisantha ( who said he is NOT going to take even a drop of the Good Medicine ) will come out with a full head of nice jet  black hair, just like he was , in the Good Old Days !!


Beauty is In The Eye of  The Beholder …. !!!

eagleD .

6 thoughts on “Batch64- Entertainment”

  1. Dear Deepthie,

    Thank you for reminding the eclipse we saw

    Were tiny kids, yet remember the ‘solar show’

    As described in the song, was a horrendous affair

    Brought by the fairer sex, wanted to be much fairer

    Hospital beds, soon got filled up

    In one go, so many were throwing up

    Though shame and shyness waned

    The story and the drama linger in my mind

    Agree, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

    But to see that beauty need rays of solar

    For few minutes in complete darkness

    Will the world be deprived of all beauties



  2. Dear Deepthie
    Whatever you do please don’t go looking for Wadakaha sudiya and even if you find it please don’t drink it as you are beautiful enough without it.🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯😜😜😜😜😜


  3. Dear Beautiful Deepthie Sandya Kumari,

    Please follow Praxy’s advice,as you do not need any additional concoction to to enhance your natural beauty.
    Enjoyed reading your past anacedote about the Eclipse .
    If I may add a few more words of Anatomical glamour to the Eclipse , it is known that the darkness falling due to eclipse can activate the Pineal gland,which will bring about changes in the Circadian rhythm,and
    To all those who fall in to the younger clan of Batch 64(a bit too late for us) be aware eclipse will have a blocking effect on the regulation of reproductive hormones?

    Now to conclude in a more Global sense, since during an eclipse there is a definite change in the vibration,and frequency of energies on earth, Maythe Eclipse bring about mutual understanding,and help the world to unite in Love and Harmony rather than being in opposition.


    1. Dear Simone,
      How nice to read your comments on the Blog. I totally agree with you. What we need in the world today is love peace and harmony. I enjoyed reading you scientific explanation of the effects of the eclipse on the pineal gland. I am happy at least you are one of the few who can remember what we were taught at Med school. Praxy


  4. This is Sandya Kumari Dilisena Tharuwa writing on the morning of the Eclipse Day Aug 21- Ontario, Canada ,where it will be 70% Eclipse- that is better than nothing , around 1 pm- 3 pm .

    I will be watching it on my beach deck, via my nice special Eclipse Viewing Glasses.
    will try and take a photo – a blind shot in the dark, in the hope it will show me something .
    But, will take a few photos of the surroundings at Darkness at Noon-

    Ariya- Thanks for the good old Desmond Kelly singing that age old song !!
    I wrote down the words, and will sing it along to day !!

    Yes- agree with Praxy- I will not take a sip of The Drink !

    Rani Simone- I might get my Circadian cycle mixed up and may stay up all night singing The Drink, and dancing to the tune of Wadakaha Sudiya !
    I cant remember a word of the Neuro lectures– good for you , to tell us this today – but, I do remember very vaguely, where the Pineal Gland is !!
    Donnie, Rose and my self, spent a long hot summer of 1965, dissecting the brain, at Jawatte Rd, where Rose lived with her sister / hubbie.
    The three of us split the Ten Rupees to give the guy at the Anatomy lab, who smuggled us a brain !!!
    I think, Donnie might remember this summer !

    I hope you all liked my little video clip of ‘ Singing in the Bus ‘– pity I did not record us singing Wadakaha Sudiya .
    Anyway- Nurse Nona- is sweet enough !!

    Enjoy – Sandya Kumari Dilisena Tharuwa !


  5. Sorry- I forgot the MOST important person in my Thank You Note
    — ie the Eclipse Spider Web Sam The Man- without whom, none of us will have the fun we are having today !
    You kept us ” Together ”
    Thank you very much for this .

    Sam– All the Best to you, and may you get ALL the Good Energy/ Good Health, from The Total Eclipse for all your future endeavors ,and like Rani said — We all need Love -Peace and Harmony, and Good Health in today’s world .

    So, let me wish All The Best to the Class o f 64 on this Special Day – The Total Eclipse of The Sun in the Northern Hemisphere – 21 Aug – 2017 .


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