Best Wishes to Mohin Samaraweera



It’s your special day that comes once a year .
Which always brings you happiness and good cheer.
So Ranjit and I send our wishes to you
For a happy future good health and prosperity too

Praxy and Ranjit



Dear Mohin,

Enjoy this special day with your family. Hope you have many more to come with good health and happiness.

It was nice to see you at the RU. Hope to see you at the next , in 2018, if not sooner. Hope you are enjoying your retirement.


My dear Mohin,
It was very nice meeting you at the last RU
Send greetings specially to remind you
As a little bird told us, it is your Birthday
To have a fantastic celebration on the ‘Big day’
Good health and happiness and a long life, joyous
Are my wishes, hope to meet up soon in our next RU


19 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Mohin Samaraweera

  1. Happy Birthday to you today , and have many more Happy Birthday Days in the years ahead .
    As Ariya says ” we are Septugenerians ” and so every day is a Happy Birthday Day !
    It was good to see you at the RU- and took my mind back to the old days with the S group !
    Deepthie .


  2. Happy birthday Sam. Wish you many more happy returns. I think you must be in Chicago. Enjoy the eclipse with proper eye protection. Talk to you soon. dharma


  3. Dear Sam (Mohin),
    Many happy returns of the day.
    I cant forget the Anatomy days. I was lucky to have you as my body partner – You did all the dissection & I simply watched !!! I thought that I got away without getting my hands dirty, but when I became an anatomy demonstrator at Auckland Medical faculty, the students (mostly girls) made me to dissect!!! Unlike us, students here are not scared of the demonstrators. Anyway it helped me with the anatomy required for Radiology.
    I forgot to ask about your specialty. Are you a Surgeon?
    Wish you all the best


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