9 thoughts on ““Who Owns Me” – Ariya

  1. Dear Ariya,
    Came back to Sydney 4 days ago , after a good rest for my brain. Now you have really shaken my poor brain. Even though its fairly long, I managed to read the extensive analysis. When I 1st saw your heading : “who owns me” I thought the answer should be :”Thavamani”

    Pretty good information you have included. You have a lot of patience to analyze which I admire.

    The intrinsic “Chemistry of feeling good” is well summarized. I would add Extrinsic chemical influence of ” feeling good” as well, such as Alcohol especially Chivas Regal



    • Hi Seelan
      I like your witty answers in response to Ariya’s question ‘who owns me’. Well said Seelan🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. I bet Ariya now had the answer to the question he was not sure. Well Ariya you no longer have to live in suspense wondering who owns you😝😝😝😝😝Praxy


    • My dear Seelan,
      Thank you for the very pragmatic answer
      I shouldn’t rush to Chivas Regal my dear
      This riddle, to start with why are we here
      Who programmed us well, too is not clear

      Old man Darwin, put a spanner in the works
      Brought his evolution theory as a bright spark
      But the answer I dearly want, Seelan my mate
      Who controls my mind and is there a template
      Kind regards


  2. Dear Ariya we are very sorry to hear ,
    That your ownership is not very clear.
    You can find solace in Seelan’s answer
    Which you can read without any fear 😱😱😱😱.Praxy


  3. My dear Praxy,
    Glad to hear from you, after a while
    Yes Seelan gave me an answer to smile
    His solution, though is a tad difficult for me
    As have pledged to be a teetotaller for life


  4. Thank you Ariya- my dear Kaviya of the Class of 64 !
    Your words are really what Buddha always said about Attachment.
    Letting Go is hard for humans to deal with .

    Who Owns Me ??
    – The Mind –

    And, for better or for worse, this is what the world is dealing with right now ….

    I am going to ‘save it ‘ and read it again, and again , in the days ahead .
    Thank You very much –
    eagleD—- is a lot more wiser today, than yesterday !!


  5. My dear Deepthie,
    Your valuable response to my question,
    Had evaded me for some unknown reason
    Having spotted it just now, constructed a poem
    To thank for vision and your unparalleled wisdom


    • Thank you my dear Poet of Class of 64- for you kind words –
      I am not wise at all!!-
      I do a lot of dumb things that I dont want to talk about !!!!!


  6. Dear Deepthie,

    ‘Dumb things you do’! that no one will believe

    Known you for fifty three years, same is my view

    As I say often, you are the most versatile and sane,

    In our batch, so no fuss accept the ‘genius’ accolade!



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