12 thoughts on “Importance of Second Opinion !- Praxy

  1. I believe that in any situation( medical etc) Getting A Second opinion , wraps all the pertinent facts again, often in New Language, to help make the situation or ( condition) more clear.


  2. I think the problem was the interpretation of the x-rays in Uganda. It is a very long distance & expensive way to go for a second opinion.
    Ranee Gunawardene


    • Yes Sam you are correct. I posted it for the humour and for people to enjoy it….. not that I believed in what the man did by going all the way to India which I think never happened.He can’t be so stupid as to find the money and go all the way to India. I saw the funny side of it.Some seem to have taken it as Gospel truth and not realised that it is a joke. Praxy


  3. Hi Praxy,
    We just came back to Sydney.
    How is your knee now? Are you walking around? Perhaps you should have gone for a second opinion in India before the knee replacement. Too late now!!

    Enjoyed the moral of the joke.
    The patient must have been an Indian living in Uganda. He would have thought that it is better to cross the Indian ocean rather than going the neighboring Ethiopia or Somalia & find a spider in the chest!


    • Hi Seelan
      Good to know that you are back in Sydney. I missed your comments on the blog all this time.
      My knee is a lot better…thank you… and I am able to walk about downstairs without crutches but do need them to go upstairs.
      Actually I was there in India for a second opinion !!!!!!and happened to meet the Ugandan man there just by chance….there I was told that to fix my knees they would have to use concrete so I decided to come back here and have metal instead.
      I like your interpretation of the joke….may be as you said he is an Indian living in Uganda and thought of using that as an excuse to visit his mother land.!!!!!!! ….probably expenses paid too.


      • At least the Indians wanted to concrete the joint. If you would have gone to Uganda they would have suggested to AMPUTATE!!!


  4. When you made decisions in life many requirements are there. Second thoughts, team work with guideline follow up, with knowledge, experience, requirements, Leadership, rules and regulations. These are required not only for your personal needs but professional needs, social needs, cultural need, country and global needs, etc.


  5. Oh, my … my Indrajee, now you got me worried after so many years of retirement,

    If I got all those facets covered!

    Nice write up

    Best wishes to you and Manuel



  6. I cannot believe that people actually BELIEVED this Joke to be a REAL one !
    Never knew you to be a ‘practical joker’ the good ‘convent goody goody ‘ that you are !!!
    Love it .


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