5 thoughts on “Batch 64 Photo Quiz

  1. This walauwa is in Kitulgala.
    Owner. ? Mr Lal Anthonis ( son of Dr PR Anthonis)
    Was owned in the past by Mr Walter Perera ( Dr Anthonis’s brother in law)


  2. Welcome to the Blog George!
    You guessed it correct. The current ownership may well be Antho’s son. Years ago it belonged to Muhandiram M. G. Perera and later his son Mr. Walter Perera lived there. He was a planter and businessman. He was the brother in law of Deshamanya Dr. P. R. Anthonis.
    As a former Jeevakite I remember visiting Kitulgala on our Hostel Trip and going to this house for lunch given by Dr Anthonis.
    Sad to see this magnificent site somewhat neglected.


  3. Thanks for the picture quiz Sam.George beat me to it. As you mentioned in your comments we Jeewakaites visited this home on one of our trips. My recollection is vague though.

    We value beautiful old mansions like this now. Then it was just another old Walauwa.

    Our ancestral Walauwa in Hulugalla was raised to the ground by the British troops. The reason was that my ancestors gave refuge to King Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe when he tried to escape capture by the British. They got wind of it and the consequence was we lost our ancestral home. At least they did not kill anyone. Otherwise I would not be here to tell, all you nice folks this story.


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