Best Wishes to Wije Kottachchi !



Happy Birthday to you Wije !
May you be Blessed with Happiness and Good Health  this year and in the
years ahead .
Have a Very Happy Day today, on this Special Day , with family and friends

It was really nice to have met you at Beruwala .

I am very happy that I was able to take this photo of you with Anslem,
Asoka and Johnpulle with my camera, with  the date on the photo,  indicating
where we were and what it was all about .
Yes, it was all about getting together, as one big family, and having a
good time .
Lets hope we meet again, for the same reason, at the same place  , same
time ,  perhaps next year .

Back then, at Med School,  I seem to  remember you as  one of those real
goody , goody ‘ Jeevaka boys ‘ ( !,  ) and you still have that look of ‘
peace and saintliness ‘ about you , if I may say so .

All the very best to you Wije, and have a  Very Happy Birthday .

Deepthie .




Wish you a very happy birthday and many years of health and happiness in the future.

My memories go back to Jeevaka days when we had the most fun 

Enjoy this day my special friend , with your family and friends



It is your birthday today so be a sport
Never mind even if the day is short.
Take advantage of this special day
And enjoy even the silliest thing that might come your way .

Praxy and Ranjit

32 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Wije Kottachchi !

  1. Dear Wije,
    With best wishes on your birthday.
    May you have the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem today and and for years to come.


  2. My dear Wije,
    On your auspicious day, my dear friend,
    Greetings for a very happy birthday, I send
    May your serene, contended life be joyous
    With impeccable health and devoid of stress


  3. Dear Wije,

    It gives me great pleasure to wish you a wonderful birthday.

    We have been great friends for a long period of time along with Nisantha Bandaranayaka and Siri Kannangara.

    You were my room mate for 5 years at Jeevaka, along with Siri Kannangara.

    This was a very pleasant time in our lives.

    You are a true gentleman and done so much of great work for the community in New Jersey and in Sri Lanka too!

    May you continue to have great times and many more happy returns of your birthday.

    Esiri and Chandrika


  4. Dear Kotta
    Best wishes on ur Bday. Remembering the fantastic times in Kegalle.You were my Groomsmen ( though you )spoiled the wedding photo) but really good memories
    Roshani& Aley


  5. Wije,

    You might “Distinctly” remember me: WIMAL FERNANDO. Your Ananda College colleague, Batch mate, Jeevaka Hostel mate for 4 years, & friend in New Jersey New York days!!. My several attempts to reach you: Failed!. But you are a dear friend to me & Iranthie for ever. Sri Kanna told me a few years ago when I was frustrated by no message replies to me; “Wimal, Leave a message for Wije, with Sri Lanka Ambassador in Washington D.C. Then he will get it!!”.

    Iranthie joins me in wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hope I can talk to you soon. Good luck.



  6. Message from WijeHey Guys & Gals,

    I am truly moved by all the sentiments expressed on my birthday. I am a private person when it comes to my birthday ( trying to keep it very low key) .However looking at the photos assembled by Sam & Deepthi , now I realise more than ever how short & precious our time together on this planet earth & we must strive to keep the memories alive as we all know how impermanent everything is.
    Thank you,all

    Sam is doing a wonderful job with RU 64 website

    blessing to all

    Wije( Kotta)


    • Hi Wije now that you realis how wonderful this birthday salutation project is you can contribute to the blog and enjoy what every one contributes 🙂🙂🙂 Praxy


  7. Hi Wije I am usually one of the first to respond to birthday wishes. However I was involved in cleaning the out door Shrine room at the Pittsburgh Buddhist Temple . We installed new Plexi glass in the Gazebo and sanded and stained all the wood work. I have to mention this after reading your comments. As you commented our time on this wonderful planet earth is limited.I am in the process of collecting good Karma for my next life. I spent half a day collecting Good Karma at the Temple.

    Piching and I wish you many happy returns of the day. All the best now and years to come.

    Esiri and Wimal mentioned about the good times we had at Jeewaka. Little did they know that we were room mates for a brief period of time prior to going Jeewaka. Wonderful Jeewaka days I do not think we will ever forget those days. If ever we do then its time to seek medical help.

    Looking forward to the 15 day Yangtze river cruise – you, Siri Kanna, Piching and I along with Piching’s sitters and cousins.

    Nisantha and Piching


    • Dear Simone,
      Where have you been all this time….. Till today we had not heard from you. Missed your comments and photos on the blog. Praxy


      • Dear Praxy

        I was in SL. Mainly to support , the Srilankan Cricket team. Every day I was in Galle and at The SSC ,clapping and cheering for them, for every boundary, Sixer, or even a single run they were able to add to the total. As a true Patriotic Srilankan I was able to face Victory or defeat with Pride. Returned back to to Oz few days Back.


  8. Hi Wije the message I sent earlier did not go through it appears. I usually am one of the first to send birthday greetings to people. I was at the Pittsburgh Buddhist Temple early this morning ,helping 7 others who had gathered to clean and spruce up the out door Shrine Room.As you had mentioned in your message our time here on this beautiful planet earth is limited. I am now in the process of collecting good Karma for my next life. Thats what I was doing this morning.

    Many happy returns of the day from Piching and I. All the best now and years to come.

    As Wimal and Esiri mentioned we have been friends for a long time. You and I were room mates even prior to joining Jeewaka. The wonderful Time we spent as medical students and at Jeewaka will be the unforgettable years. If we do forget those years then it is time to seek medical help.

    Looking forward to our 15 day Yangtze River cruise with you Siri Kanna ,Piching and I.

    With best wishes.

    Nisantha and Piching.


  9. Hi Wije at the outset Piching and I wish you many happy returns of the day. All the best now and years to come. I sent two messages before and for some reason they did not go through. Perhaps the messages where too long. It will be funny if it appears at later time.

    We have been friends for a long time. We were room mates even before we joined Jeewaka. The wonderful time at Jeewaka we will never forget. If we do them it is time to seek medical help.

    Looking forward to our 15 day Yangtze river cruise You ,Siri Kanna ,Piching and I.

    With best wishes.

    Nisantha and Piching


    • Nisantha I envy your Yangtse cruise. That was one of the cruises I really enjoyed.It was wonderful to see how the ship was brought from an upper level to a lower level by using the locks..Are you combining it with a China tour?We are planning to go to Burna with Chandra and wife.I know you have been there. Could you please let me know whether you applied for the Burmese on your own and whether it was easy to get it? Did you get it over the counter from Burmese embassy? Thanks. Praxy


      • Praxy – I went to the Burmese Embassy to get the visa. It was not difficult. I do not know how it is in the UK.



  10. Message from Ranjith
    Now only I begin to realise the magnitude of the mammoth job that Sam did by opening the website. THANK u Sam Kotta was my flat mate @ Kegalle.I never knew he was born & neither the date.64 RU made us realize how precious the 5 yrs at med school had been to us


    • Dear Ranjit,
      I am so happy that you have realised how wonderful this blog is. It is good if you contribute to the blog frequently as we all love reading the comments on the blog. Praxy


  11. I must tell you again this is overwhelming!!!
    We may not communicate frequently with one another but the fact remains we carry a caring attitude to one another. RU 64 cemented that,no doubt.
    Thank you everybody

    Wije Kotta


  12. Dear Wije,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday . All the best and good wishes for years to come..

    Ranee Gunawardene, NSW Australia


  13. Dear Wije
    My best wishes on your birthday. My memories go back to Medical student days as well as your days at Jeewaka hostel in the company of Esiri and Siri Kanna doing sing-song sessions. Looking back at our pictures from our young days to now reminds us how fast time flies and how short our lives are. Anyway, best wishes on your birthday and at all times in the future.
    Warm regards


  14. It is so heartening to read ,so many wishing each other on the blog. I hope all of us will contribute regularly to the blog as it is soooo nice to read the comments from friends about how wonderful a time they have had at their respective hostels be it Bloem or Jeevaka or wherever. This helps us to reminisce about the golden enjoyable days we had when we were medical students. I think our is the only batch to communicate like this and we have set a precedence. May this blog grow from strength to strength. Praxy


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