Batch 64 Entertainment



“Sound of Silence”

Enjoy this beautiful clip sent by Praxy





This video doesn’t exist


18 thoughts on “Batch 64 Entertainment

    • Dear Marina
      This song was sent to me by my cousin. I too like that song very much and it is one that I can listen to over and over again. I am progressing well and using one crutch to walk inside the house but have to use both for going upstairs and walking outside. I think though it was more painful than the first one at the start, I am able to walk better,earlier than the previous one. Thanks for your prayers and once again I must tell you that my conversation with you just before my op gave me a lot of confidence as I suddenly became very anxious before the op. Praxy


  1. Sam, Great Song. I think this is from the sound tract of ” GRADUATE”. Beautiful. I used to listen to it before, long time ago. Thank You.



  2. I still prefer the original sung by the greats SIMON & GARFUNKEL. Really a nice song that I enjoyed in the early seventies when they sang and I happen to be in Brooklyn New York in in ’71 doing my residency in Paediatrics


  3. Hi Praxy
    Thanks for posting the song. It’s beautiful
    Hope u r recovering well from your recent surgery. Best wishes for a full recovery
    Satha & Selvi


  4. Thanks Praxy for letting us enjoy this beautiful song
    Happy memories came as I had forgotten it for long
    How Sam’s web has diversified giving much pleasure
    His web, a vital link to banish emptiness of my leisure


    • Ariya
      Happy to know that you enjoyed the song
      Especially because you had forgotten it for so long.
      It is a song that I will always treasure.
      So I am sure you will be able to sing at your leisure. Praxy


  5. I was so anxious to listen to the song , I forgot to note who had sent it. Thanks Praxy. Nice to hear that you are progressing well after your surgery.

    All the best .



  6. Dear Praxy

    At the end of our Yoga session when we lie down in “Corpse Pose ” and relax each part of the body one by one .This song gives the the same blissful experience.I intend passing your song to our Yoga Teachers [ They are fron different countries – one is a Greek Cypriot,One is a Vietnamese,One is an Afro-Carribean One is an Indian and some of them are English] .They will love it.

    Any contact with Chair Yoga Organisers in your area ?

    One Lebanese lady who come to one of the sessions has no right hand .She lost it by a gun blast injury.She has a leather cover for the distal end of her right forearm and does most of the poses.I feel inspired by her determination.

    Kind regards



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