More Bird Pictures- Deepthie




Just viewed Dharma’s pics and I suddenly remembered my self feeding these
birds at my friend’s home in Sydney Australia, dec 1991  It was quite the
thrill- these birds can be very aggressive and were fighting for bread
crumbs – and would scream at me, if I did not come up with the food !
Here I am feeding them  and having fun .



5 thoughts on “More Bird Pictures- Deepthie

  1. Dear Deepthi,

    Pretty love birds, just like what Dharma showed
    Photos remind me, another to your talents to add
    ‘Bird- Feeder’ par excellence, would not be a superlative
    That will the name earned today, by your talent supreme



  2. Hi Rajabalendran !
    Good to hear from you and glad you liked the photos , and I am happy you are participating in the blog that Sam has created for us, to keep the Class of 64 together !!!
    I posted a photo of your gathering at Rahula’s place, in New Jersey for Rahul’s b’day greeting and I am sure you liked it .

    Yes the birds – were seen in Sydney some 25 yrs or more ago , when I was visiting Aus , and staying with my friends for a few days – those Lorikeets are sooo aggressive and demanding – much like some two legged folks !!!– grab , grab , grab and eat, eat, eat !!!

    Anyway- if and when we have another RU- in SLl hopefully, Oct 2018- try to come with Ranjini and it was just GREAT that you were here in Ontario last year .
    Rajes- she is doing well , and her brother Rajan was visting her when I last saw her a month ago, and her sister from NZ is also visiting her this month- so she is busy and happy !!

    Keep in touch .
    much love and Blessings- eagleD


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