Best Wishes to Raja Rahulatharan !

Hey Rahul- this is your good pal- Deepthie- wishing you a Very Happy
Birthday  !!
I wish you all the Very Best in the years ahead, with lots of Happiness and
Good Health .

It was just great meeting you  in Beruwala  and when I look back at the 55
yrs or so, it took my mind to those fun filled youthful days at Kynsey Rd
and then  at Ragama, Lower Quarters  as’ green horned doctors’ ,  where we
did  our Internship , and always ready to help each other out of a bad spot
at 2 am !
Again, we were a merry bunch  though a bit more responsible ( !! ) at
Ragama- Upper and Lower Quarters !

I remember like yesterday,   you and Rajabalendran sharing my Grey’s
Anatomy text book- me being one of the few to own one at that time – how so-
I don’t know !
I think, even Sivakumaran used it, and later Lakshman Senanayake had it for
a while  ( cramming for the MRCOG prelim exam )  even after I left SL , and
my father brought it back to me to Canada, for my studies here .

It was great that we met several times during the various RU held in UK and
SL .
Lets hope we meet again – sooner rather than later- perhaps next year, same
place, same time , for the same reason- being just to be together  and have
some fun .
Next time, I promise I will not  hog the dance floor- but, spend more time
with all of you .

Till we meet again – Have a Very Happy Birthday today and enjoy it with
family and friends .

Your old pal- Deepthie .
Ps- by the way- a quiz- spot the birthday boy in the block cricket match
photo !!!


Even though we may forget Anatomy and Physiology taught to us in the past.
We cannot forget bonds of friendship and these will forever last.
So it is a pleasure to remind you that you are in our thoughts
As we wish you many happy returns of the day with many many floral 💐 💐💐bouquets.

Praxy and Ranjit

26 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Raja Rahulatharan !

  1. My dear Rahula,
    These greetings come from a long way
    To wish you good health, on your birthday
    Peace, contentment, joy and happiness
    And a stress-free beautiful life all the way


  2. Dear Rahula
    Many happy returns of the day. If you are planning to be in Marco Island anytime this winter, let me know as I plan to be in Naples for a couple of weeks and maybe we can meet



  3. Dear Rahul,

    Here is wishing a wonderful birthday to a true gentleman and a person full of humour and also wishing you many more happy returns.



  4. Dear Rajasingham Rahulatharan,

    This is your Lower Quarters [Ragama} mate & your Co HO; Wimal Fernando. Wish you a very happy birthday. Remembering times with you & Mary ,in New York. You & I had a common specialty of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Nice to see you last time when visiting your home in Marco Island. Make it a habit to visit me. Iranthie joins me in wishing you, many more happy birthdays to come.


    • Hey Wimal !

      Nice that you too recall the good days at Ragama Lower Quarters !!
      You and Rahul were downstairs and me, Shiranci and Ranjani Perera ( Tirimanne ) were up stairs.
      Those were good days !

      Good chance that I may be making a visit to Marco Island to visit with you all , feb- 2018- while I am in Az for the winter .
      Will let you and Sam know ahead of time –

      Perhaps a ‘mini RU at Marco ???- with Rahul and Asokan, and who ever that might want to ‘winter out ‘ out there in Sunny Florida !


  5. Dear Rahula,
    This is to wish you a very happy birthday. I recall many happy memories of our life at Bloem. One I will not easily forget was on April Fools day in ?1967 after the annual ‘rocket fight’ when Charlie Pieris was rushed to the Accident Ward after having been ‘knocked down’ by a taxi and he stood up on the trolley and started singing. You thought he was confused and pushed him back on the the trolley asking him to stay still and with tears in your eyes placed the chain that was round your neck around his, with the words “machang Charlie, please don’t die”. Those were the days and that was True Friendhship.
    Charlie is no more but I am sure he will be sending you his blessings from wherever he is.
    Have a great day Machang and many more years of happy life.


  6. Dear Chooty,
    Wishing you a happy birthday & many happy returns of the day.Some say the glass is half empty .Others say the glass is half full.It is your special day so just drink whatever is in the glass & enjoy.
    Best wishes.


  7. Message from Ranjini
    Do convey my belated bday greetings to Rahula as there is a problem forward ing same.i did give d Damayanthi
    from Ranjini


  8. Dear Rahul.

    My belated birthday day greetings too.Sorry I did not open my emails yesterday. I normally observe Sil on Poya day & even switch off my mobile so that at least for one day of the month I can meditate & have peace of mind.



  9. My dearest friend Rahula ( Chooty -home name ),
    Jean joins me in wishing you a very happy birthday.
    On the 1st August, we were talking about you at the Palmerrah restaurant – Renuka, Colombo which you introduced to me. I took my in-laws from KL (12 of them!) together with Almeida, Narme & Dalpe to this restaurant & enjoyed Kool,Appam,Fish puttu etc.
    Long live Rahula Chooty.
    Seelan & Jean


  10. Dear Rahul
    Ranjini is joining me to wish you a very happy birthday. Thanks to include our photos. We had a lovely time with Saroja and Selva and their family when we stayed with you last year..We still talk about Mary’s excellant Sri Lankan cooking. I hope you had a lovely time with your family and friends.

    Rajabalendran & Ranjini


  11. Dear Rahulatharan
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and a wonderful year.It was great meeting you in 2014.Wishing you all the best Maithri.


  12. Belated birthday wishes o you , Rahul. May you have good health and contentment in the years to come.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  13. So sorry missed ur Bday.Machan wish u all the v best. Remembering the good times shared as room mates ( u did all the cleaning ) Much love
    Roshani& Ranjit


  14. Dear Rahu

    Sorry to have missed your birthday. Please accept my belated Birthday wishes and all the best. Last time when I met you in London we could not talk much ,hope your sisters family has recovered .



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