Rainbow Lorikeet- Dharma






Here are some pictures I got of the Rainbow lorikeet in Sydney, Australia. These were wild.
The 2 together is not courtship, parent feeding a juvenile! 




5 thoughts on “Rainbow Lorikeet- Dharma

  1. Hi Dharma
    Lorikeets are so beautiful and is a pleasure to watch these birds in most backyards. The photos are great as usual. Regards to Yogamani


  2. HI Dharma and Sam,
    Thanks Dharma for waking up some of my half asleep neurons !
    Lovely photos of the Lorkikeets .

    I just viewed Dharma’s pics and I suddenly recalled my self feeding these birds at my friend’s home in Sydney Australia, in dec 1991 !!
    I dug out the old pics and there was my self, with bread crumbs on my hand and the birds fighting for scraps .
    They would sit on the tree and wait for me to come out with my friend, for food .
    Sam- I will send you these photos, and you could post them, if you think they are ok, though they are of not such good color and clarity like the photos taken with Dharma’s fancy gizmo !
    At least, one could ID me and the Lorkikeets !
    Thanks – EagleD.


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